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Arab Revolutions - 2017

The Lost Generation

In Lebanon, there are at least 250,000 refugees aged between three and eighteen who are not attending school. This is half the 500,000 young people registered with the United Nations. The numbers are even more shocking if other countries hosting Syrians in the region are taken into consideration: there are 800,000 school-age refugees in Turkey, 500,000 of whom are not in the schooling system, and 80,000 young Syrians without an education in Jordan

15/03/2017 | Rolla Scolari

Journey to Aleppo

Travel log of a trip to the Western part of the Syrian city, controlled by Assad’s regime, during the fight between government forces and rebels

09/02/2017 | Giacomo Gentile

Journey to Damascus

In Damascus, your glass moves on the dinner table because of the bombs, and you pretend nothing happened. A surreal evening in a city from which men have disappeared, dead or soldiers at the front

09/02/2017 | Marco Perini*

Syria: The Regime that Wins but Remains Weak

In the military and diplomatic framework, Assad is in a subordinate position, forced to a dubious politics

09/02/2017 | Giovanni Parigi

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