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Arab Revolutions - 2016

The Tunisian Exception: the Armed Forces

After 2011, helping facilitate a political transition was an army that did not play a supporting role to the dictator and lacked vested interests or collusions with the regime, and that is transforming itself today

04/07/2016 | Giovanni Parigi

The Middle East in a Denominational Cage

The conception of power as mulk or ownership of a person, tribe or denomination has led to the destruction that is under our noses, what with the world powers’ blindness and the local players’ unscrupulousness. The violence is hitting everyone indiscriminately but is reaching genocidal proportions in some communities. A turning point will come only with a form of democracy that citizenship rights and, at the same time, guarantees forms of representation for community spaces.

27/01/2016 | Hamit Bozarslan

Libya, the Virtues of an Imperfect Agreement

The deal reached in December is an important step that allows to understand who is working for and who is against a political resolution

11/01/2016 | Riccardo Redaelli

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