Arabo-Islamic Classics - 2016

Literary, philosophical and theological texts of the Arab-Islamic tradition, from the classical period to the comparison with modernity.

Mosul: the Fortress that Charmed Travelers

The golden age of a city beyond compare in the narrative of an Arab writer of the twelfth century

15/11/2016 | Ibn Jubayr

A Guide to Reading the Qur’an

Anyone wishing to interpret the Noble Book “must seek its explanation first of all in the Quran itself,” wrote Jalāl al-Dīn as-Suyūtī, the fifteenth-century Egyptian scholar. In particular, knowing the circumstances of the prophetic revelation is “an art that offers several benefits,” and is essential to its full understanding.

29/07/2016 | Editorial staff

“Life in the Shade of the Qur’an”

To understand the Book as a religion that leads men to happiness in this life and the next; expose the corruption of those who love their low desires more than God; analyse the sacred Text as a communicative relationship between God and man, to show that the Absolute reveals itself to men through their linguistic and cultural system: the approaches of three Muslim thinkers of the modern era

29/07/2016 | Editorial staff

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