Christian Classics - 2017

The philological and theological texts of the Christian patrimony, from the Fathers of the Church to contemporary theological reflection.

Hospitality, a Pillar of Arab and Islamic Ethics

[This article is published in Oasis no. 24. To read all the contents buy a copy or subscribe] A legendary poet-knight slightly preceding Islam, Hātim al-Tā’ī is a proverbial model of generous hospitality not only in Arab literature but also throughout the Islamic world. Of the very many texts in which his name occur...

15/03/2017 | Martino Diez

The Generous Deeds of the Tribal Chief

From the legendary figure of Hātim (a poet-knight of pre-Islamic Arabia mentioned even by Boccaccio and Goethe) to the sayings of the Prophet, hospitality has been made a keystone of the Islamic ethical system. And yet Islam was also, with great practicality, to define its limits: three days, the first with a special banquet and the other two with normal treatment. “Anything after that is charity.”

15/03/2017 | Texts by Ibn Qutayba

Taking the Other’s Existence Seriously

[This article is published in Oasis no. 24. To read all the contents buy a copy or subscribe] Inconvenient for the liberals (although they owe much to him) and inconvenient for the establishment, the French Jesuit Jean Daniélou was doubtless one of the great twentieth-century theologians and one of the fathers of Va...

15/03/2017 | Claudio Monge op

A Great Human Reality

Normally, if people come across a fugitive, a wanderer or a stranger, they kill him. The radical change occurs the day when such a person is received as a guest and as someone sent by God. This radical change can be observed, in particular, in the two great civilizations from which our own originates: the Greek civilization and the Semitic one

15/03/2017 | Texts by Jean Daniélou

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