Jihadism and violence - 2016

Which Forces are Fighting Against ISIS in Mosul

The fragile coalition that is waging war on the “Caliph” is made up of Iraqi special forces, Shiite, Kurdish, Yazidi and Christian militias, and has international support

11/11/2016 | Giovanni Parigi

Having the Courage to Take a Stand after Nice

The time of gray is over. Only black and white remain, for and against violence

01/08/2016 | Martino Diez

The Conflict of Interpretations

“It’s Voltaire’s fault. It’s Rousseau’s fault,” sang Gavroche, the street urchin in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. In an era when the great narratives are over and “jihad is the only cause on the market,”1 one is more likely to hear that it is the Qur’an’s fault.

29/07/2016 | Michele Brignone

Syria, Libya, Iraq: Armed Groups and Power

The collapse or the weakening of Middle Eastern regimes led to the emergence of different ideological, ethnic and sectarian forces increasingly represented by paramilitary movements

28/04/2016 | Giovanni Parigi

The origins of Jihadism in Europe

Nihilist revolt, Third-Worldist reaction or Islamic response to social marginalization. The French debate the nature of extremist militancy

28/04/2016 | Michele Brignone

Libya, the Risk of a Military Intervention in a Power Vacuum

Libya still lacks a unified government and unrest is growing amongst the population trapped between the jihadist threat and internal power struggles, all while the international community discusses procedures of an armed intervention

09/03/2016 | Martino Diez
From Isis' journal ''Dabiq''

“From Zero to Hero,” Women and Men Attracted by the Islamic State

Girls interested in a career in social work, young men who desire combat: phenomenology of ISIS’s recruits

05/02/2016 | Viviana Premazzi

Living Under the Bombs in Raqqa

Raids by the regime, Russian attacks and the war against the Islamic State: a Syrian journalist recounts the terror of civilians trapped in the crossfire

01/02/2016 | Amer Matar, Syrian writer and journalist of Raqqa, living in Berlin

The Difficult Attempt to Block Radicalisation in Prisons

From Camp Bucca to Paris, prison cells have often served as "incubators" of jihad – European governments are activating programmes to prevent petty criminals from turning into terrorists in prison

01/02/2016 | Rolla Scolari

Those Desert Terrorists Resurrecting the Middle Ages in the Maghreb

Who are AQIM and the Murabitun – at the origin of the attack in Burkina Faso

01/02/2016 | Chiara Pellegrino

The Other Battle in Iraq: to Win Sunni Consent

Why the tribes that defeated al-Qaeda in 2007 are now struggling to oppose Isis

11/01/2016 | Giovanni Parigi

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