Jihadism and violence - 2017

Why Salafis Have Anti-Sufi Attitudes

Salafis have doctrinal and political objections to Sufis

21/06/2017 | Joas Wagemakers
Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud

Extremists, Modern Heretics

In Islam a sinner continues to be a Muslim and cannot be excommunicated. Faith does not fail even if works fail

21/03/2017 | Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud

Religious Violence, Founding Myth of the West?

With the increase of Islamic extremism, the tendency to identify the religion with violence and the search for secular and anti-religious solutions present themselves once again

20/03/2017 | Fadi Daou

The European Jihadist’s Identikit

Jihadism raises the issue of meaning and the lack of ideals in a Europe in which the classical ideologies have lost their ability to mobilize people

15/03/2017 | Farhad Khosrokhavar

The Molenbeek Effect: the Facts beyond the Myth

The story of this district in Brussels, which was the hideout for some of the terrorists carrying out the Paris attacks in November 2015, demonstrates that in the fight against radicalism new socio-political configurations and a mature and courageous Islamic leadership are needed

15/03/2017 | Felice Dassetto

Prisons in the Era of Religious Pluralism

In Italian prisons, more than one out of three foreign inmates is a Muslim. The need for proper formation of chaplain-imams has become urgent

27/01/2017 | Antonio Cuciniello
Kouachi Brothers

Europe and Jihadism: is it Possible to “De-Radicalize”?

Journey into two French prisons, where an experimental program pushed young inmates to “imagine themselves” differently

27/01/2017 | Bartolomeo Conti
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