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Magisterium - 2015

The teachings of the Church, particularly on subjects of interest to Oasis, from the interreligious Islamic-Christian dialogue to the public importance of faith.

Humility Against Chaos

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08/04/2015 | Francesca Peruzzotti

War is madness

Homily by H.H. Pope Francis during the celebration at the military memorial of Redipuglia on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of First World War, Saturday 13 September 2014.

08/04/2015 | H.H. Pope Francis

To kill in the name of God: a sacrilege!

Apostolic journey of H.H. Pope Francis to Tirana (Albania), 21 September 2014. An anthology.

08/04/2015 | H.H. Pope Francis

Pope Francis to the bishops of Nigeria: be peacemakers!

Pope Francis has sent a letter to the bishops of Nigeria, assuring its closeness to the Christians and the Muslims who daily suffer at the hands of those who abuse religion to make of it an ideology.

18/03/2015 | Pope Francis
Iraqi refugees

Letter from Pope Francis to Middle Eastern Christians

On the occasion of Christmas 2014, Pope Francis expresses his and the whole Church's closeness to Iraqi and Middle Eastern Christians and other minorities who suffer from violence

08/01/2015 | Pope Francis

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