Mestizaje of civilisations - 2016

The unprecedented process of the mixing of peoples and cultures and the issues raised by this: personal and community identity, the presence of immigrants, mixed families, interreligious and inter-cultural coexistence.

“Not an Era of Change, but a Change of era”

Research Project realized thank to the Contribution of Fondazione Cariplo


This is Not a Fight Between Muslim and Non-Muslim Societies

What we are witnessing is a clash between a conservative system and a progressive model

04/04/2016 | Abdelmajid Charfi

The Mediterranean, a Global Space

From an area of conflict and exchange, Mare Nostrum has become a counter-East that creates an area of mixture and proximity

04/04/2016 | Henry Laurens

The fate of Schengen and the Endurance of the European Pact

The migration crisis put the EU to the test. In order to hold out, the Union must not be perceived as a service provider, but as a dimension of existence of its citizens and residents

21/03/2016 | Andrea Pin

If Schengen Collapses, the European Project Does Too

A united Europe is the only solution for dealing with the challenges of the future, but Brussels must stop thinking about the emergency. Interview with Emma Bonino

08/02/2016 | Claudio Fontana

Welcome to Mesopotäljie, the Middle-East in Sweden

With whole communities of persecuted Christians fleeing north, a bit of Middle East has been transplanted in Sweden. There, amidst surprising opportunities and risks of “rejection”, something is happening: a reciprocal contagion and a greater realization, on the part of the refugees, not only of the value of their bimillenary traditions risking extinction but also of the openings for something new to be born. Particularly in a small town to the south of Stockholm where a third of the population is now made up of Eastern Christians.

27/01/2016 | Maria Laura Conte

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