Mestizaje of civilisations - 2017

The unprecedented process of the mixing of peoples and cultures and the issues raised by this: personal and community identity, the presence of immigrants, mixed families, interreligious and inter-cultural coexistence.

Christianity and Europe, between Liquid Secularism and Migrations

Economic crisis and religious fundamentalisms are symptoms of the encounter between resignation and despair. Christian Europe taught all those who are now fighting each other (and fighting Europe) the new Europe must resolutely aim at the hybridization of household cultures

15/03/2017 | Pierangelo Sequeri

The Sahel, a Forgotten Strategic Frontier

The sub-Saharan belt is a region that rarely hits the headlines but, for Europe, it constitutes a crucially important area for the issues of immigration and security

15/03/2017 | Emilio E. Manfredi

The Economy of Refugee Camps

The exile of millions of Syrians has led to the creation of both official and unofficial temporary settlements in the Middle East. Neighbourhood and village dynamics are recreated inside them, together with forms of commerce and exchange, and these help to keep the identity of a people alive

15/03/2017 | Kamel Doraï

A Marshall Plan for the Mediterranean? A Premature Idea

There are many forms of social behaviour that are based on the principle of gratuitousness. It is only if we take these as the starting point for rethinking the concept of capitalistic private ownership that it makes sense to commit to an economic reconstruction project involving Europe, North African coastal countries and the Middle East

15/03/2017 | Giulio Sapelli

How Islam Became “American”

Muhammad Ali “made being Muslim cool, in a way that no one could challenge his belongingness to America”. Ali represents the best of American ideals, the Orlando shooter represents the worse

15/03/2017 | Amir Hussein

A Complex Encounter Destined to Change Us

Europe has in its DNA the capacity to “integrate in new syntheses the most varied and discrete cultures”

15/03/2017 | Michele Brignone

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