Religious freedom - 2016

As a crucial theme of the contemporary age, religious freedom cannot be limited to the freedom of worship, but has implications that go from the anthropological dimension of man (the truth-freedom relation), to the public expression of faith, the freedom of conversion (the question of apostasy in Islam, the laws on blasphemy).

Pakistan: the Law that Legalizes the Persecution of Christians

Pakistan’s blasphemy regulations provide the legal basis for discrimination. The Nawaz Sharif government continues to take small steps towards change, which however still seems far away

13/06/2016 | Claudio Fontana

Muslims against Christianophobia

In June 2015, the Islamic charitable association Maqāsid promoted the drafting of the Beirut Declaration, a document that aims to counter religious violence and promote an enlightened interpretation of Islamic culture. One of the contributors condemns the subversive rhetoric used by extremists against both Christians and Muslims. His position is born out of a conciliatory interpretation of Islam, and the belief that Muslims need Christians (and vice versa) in order to survive.

27/01/2016 | Muhammad Sammak

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