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Dominique Avon

Dominique Avon is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Maine and
director of CERHIO. Having graduated in Arabic at the INALCO, he specialised in the comparative study of religions. He is co-director with John Tolan (University of Nantes) of the Institut du pluralisme religieux et de l’athéisme (IPRA); he is also coordinator of the project DCIE (Dynamiques citoyennes en Europe) and of the thematic community Histoire euro-méditerranéenne. He has published: Vingtième Siècle 130, avril-juin 2016, Presse de Science Po.

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The Old is Inadequate, the New is Frightening

Lebanon /1. While there is an emerging desire among a young polyglot minority to change the framework that has ruled the Country of the Cedars, tradition, fear of destabilisation, the attractive force of the religious communities all block a transition from happening.  

01/12/2011 | Religions and the public sphere

Military Victory…or Glorious Death

Shi'ites in a multi-confessional context: the case of the Lebanon/2. The second part of the analysis of the founding principles of the Hezbollah movement which for some time has been the uncontested master of the south of the country. At the roots of a radical and total militancy, an idea of the world ‘as a simple bridge that leads on to eternity.’

01/07/2011 | Religions and the public sphere

Islamic Thinkers: the “liberal case” of the brother of the founder of the Muslim Brothers

Gamal al-Banna defines himself as a ‘Muslim liberal thinker’ and a guardian of of Arabness and Islam in Egypt. The author of over one hundred works including volumes and pamphlets and a periodical article in the very popular newspaper al-Masri al Yawm, he has taken on a role that nobody, in his opinion, dares to shoulder. He has taken on the task of renewing the bases of the ‘institutional Muslim knowledge’ in force, that is, the knowledge constituted by exegetic comment (tafsîr), tradition (hadîth) and jurisprudence (fiqh).

27/05/2011 | Religions and the public sphere

We, the Children of the Best Community

The creed of Hezbollah. The first part of an analysis of the founding principles of the members of the movement of the Lebanese Shiites who for some time have been the almost uncontested masters of the south of the country. The texts and the question of their interpretation, the conception of an enemy and of ‘witness.’

01/12/2010 | Religions and the public sphere

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