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Luigi Alici was born in Grottazzolina (AP) on March 14, 1950. Married with two children, he is Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at LUMSA, Rome and Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Macerata. Amongst his various activities, he works with the Centro di Studi Agostiniani of Perugia in the organisation of international study seminars. He is the director of the series Le ragioni del bene published by San Paolo and is the editor of the quarterly review Dialoghi (Rome). Since 31 May 2005 until 2008 he has been president of Azione Cattolica Italiana. Moreover he is the director of the "Philosophy" section in the series Saggi (La Scuola editor, Brescia) and of the series Percorsi di Etica (Aracne, Rome). Amongst his latest publications: L'angelo della gratitudine, Ave, Rome 2014.

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