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His Excellency Mgr. Paul Hinder was born in Lanterswil-Stehrenberg (Switzerland) on 22 April 1942. A Capuchin friar, he was ordained a priest on 4 July 1967. Previously Auxiliary Bishop of Arabia, he was ordained Apostolic Vicar of Arabia on 21 March 2005 and Apostolic Vicar of South Arabia on 31 May 2011.

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For the Small Flock a Possible Mission. Perhaps

Towards the assembly of bishops for the Middle East. The theme chosen points to the fundamental problem of the Church in a region that is characterised by bitter and deep conflict. On the one hand, divisions and, on the other, emigration: the very presence of Christians in their original homeland is at stake.

01/06/2010 | Eastern Christians

The Swiss No to the Minarets: a Wake-up Slap for Europe, a Challenge to Be Confronted to Build the Society of the Future

The results of the Swiss referendum of 29th November have stirred an earthquake, and not just in Switzerland. While some people rejoiced for the unexpected “yes” of 57% of the votes in favour of banning the construction of new minarets, others stood in bewilderment. How come such reaction from a Country lo...

07/12/2009 | Mestizaje of civilisations

Mission According to St. Francis

Saint Francis placed a chapter in the Rules of the Minor Friars on 'friars who go amongst Saracens and other unbelievers'. From the origins of the Franciscan movement onwards we find a thirst to be witnesses to Christ beyond the Christian world as it was then known. The missionary impetus was infused into the friars by...

01/05/2008 | Christians in the Muslim world

Some thoughts on the “Open Letter and Call from Muslim Religious Leaders”

There is no doubt that the “Open Letter and Call from Muslim Religious Leaders” on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr (October 13th, 2007) must be seen as an historic event. Such a letter or message addressed to all important Christian leaders is without precedent. The 138 signatures of Muslims from almost all...

03/11/2007 | Interreligious dialogue

A Regime of Net Separation

The Gulf' is a convenient way of describing a geographical area we like to think of as an entity with an identity of its own but, like all cartographical references, it has definite limitations when we wish to describe the character of a vast and varied area, and even more when we want to particularise social phenomena...

01/10/2007 | Mestizaje of civilisations

Being a Thousand amongst Twenty Million

The tiny Christian community of the Yemen, which reappeared in the middle of the nineteenth century more than a thousand years after its disappearance, has very few opportunities to express itselfbecause of the limitations imposed on religious freedom. The low profile imposed by the general climate of society.

01/03/2007 | Religious freedom

Christians with the Obligation of a Low Profile

Freedom of religion, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly: people who live in the West pay little heed to these three phrases but such is not possible for the minorities that livein the region of Gulf, where variations, nuances, and restrictions are the order of the day.The laws and customs of the majority impose forms of behaviour based on discretion and a forgoing of the visibility of signs and gestures. But such limitations do not impede presence and witness.

01/03/2006 | Religious freedom

Dubai, St. Mary's parish: diary of incredible vitality

In the occasion of my nomination as auxiliary bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia, many people asked me: «What will you do in those countries? There aren't any Christians». Were someone to stop by on Friday or better yet, during Holy Week at St. Mary's Church in Dubai, they would immediately be conv...

01/01/2005 | Christians in the Muslim world

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