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Samir Khalil Samir SJ, is a doctor in Oriental Theology and Islamic Studies and is the founder and director of the Centre de documentation et de recherches arabes chrétiennes (CEDRAC) in Beirut. He is also professor of Christian-Islamic Studies at the Pontificio Istituto Orientale in Rome and at other universities. He is the author of more than 60 books, 500 scholarly articles and 900 divulgative articles on the Arab-Christian endowment, Islamic-Christian relations and relations between the Muslim world and the West.

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Arab Christians: Makers of Novelty. With Muslims’ Support

A look at the history of Christians in the Arab world shows a fruitful dialectic between rootedness in their own tradition and openness to other cultures. High points have been the creation of an interreligious humanism in tenth-century Baghdad and the ecclesial renewal during the Catholic Reformation that paved the way for the Arab awakening. Today, as previously, however, such interaction is only possible when Muslim regimes are open to otherness and not caught up in an introverted and obsessive sectarianism.

27/01/2016 | Christians in the Muslim world

When Maronites Discovered Europe

Histoire du Patrimoine Arabe des Maronites, vol. 2, Les Auteurs Maronites sous les Ottomans, tome 1 (1510-1760)

25/02/2014 | Book Reviews

Divine victory? 4 dead and an uprooted tree

Why do we always have to give God the responsibility for everything in the East? In Lebanon on 3 August every year several thousand citizens, for the most part Shiite, celebrate the ‘divine victory’ (nasr [min] Allah)! Which victory is this? It is the victory of the ‘Party of God’ (Hizbollah)...

27/09/2010 | Religions and the public sphere

Analysis of a Historic Day and its Unpredicable Developments

On 6 November 2007, the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdallah II Ben Abdelaziz ben Abd al-Rahman Aal Saoud, paid a visit to Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican. This was the first visit of a Saudi monarch to a Pope and this was interpreted by the whole world as a historic event. Even more because the Saudi kingdom does not have ...

01/12/2008 | Interreligious dialogue

Lebanon, One of a Kind in the Arab World

Lebanon's situation is quite at odds with the rest of the Arab world. It is the only Arab country out of 22 that is not Muslim but rather "bi-religious". Its uniqueness lies in fact in its two communities, one that is Muslim and the other that is Christian, each one in turn subdivided in sub-communities. Equ...

04/10/2008 | Religious freedom

The Centrality of Martyrdom in Contemporary Islam.

The word shahîd, which is currently used nowadays to designate a ‘martyr’, and its plural shuhadâ’, correspond etymologically to the Greek martys and they mean ‘witness’. In the Koran we encounter the term fifty-five times, in the majority of cases in the ju...

01/05/2008 | Interreligious dialogue

If the Enlightenment separates faith from reason

Now that the polemic is over, it is worthwhile to return to the 'lecture' that the Pope held in his university to take up again its central subject and rediscover the nexus that links Greek philosophy to Christian revelation and links these to other religions.

01/03/2007 | Religions and the public sphere

When Islam Addresses its Own Bewilderment

Analysis. It is unusual to leaf through a book by a Muslim author without encountering subjects relating to the decadence and profound crisis of the Muslim world's cultural system and system of values. In recent years, and in particular after 2001, this question has become impelling and was at the centre of a great forum made up of ulema and intellectuals. Here are the conclusions.

01/09/2006 | The Peoples of Islam

The prospects for the Intifada that changed the Lebanon

In 14 February 2005 the Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri, was assassinated in the centre of Beirut together with seventeen other people. He was a Sunnite Muslim. A few weeks previously Marwan Hamade, the Druse minister, had escaped an assassination attempt. Two days after this assassination the daily demonstrations against...

01/09/2005 | The Peoples of Islam

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