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Islam in Europe: the Challenge of Citizenship

Immigration and integration have been crucial issues during the electoral campaign that led to the victory of Donald Trump in America. They will also define the electoral debate in several European countries. Can Europe offer an alternative? The last conference of our 2016 research project, “Not an Era of Change, bu...

18/11/2016 | Catholic University of Milan

The Qur’an and its Custodians

Round Table in Beirut


The Qur’an and its Custodians

Wednesday, September 28 at 6.30pm – Museo Diocesano of Milan

12/09/2016 | Milan, Porta Ticinese Street, 95

Europe, Italy and a Changing Islam

The conference will deal with the current changes in Islam, focusing in particular on the growing Muslim presence in Europe

12/09/2016 | Milan, San Giorgio 2 square

Salzburg University: MA in Syriac Theology

For the first time the International study programme Master of Arts in Syriac Theology has started in Salzburg, Austria. The next course will start in October 2016, and students are welcome to apply.


Threats to Religious and Ethnic Minorities Under the Islamic State

Featuring Ambassador David Saperstein, Kent Hill, Sherri Talabani, and others


Secularization Models between Islam and Christianity

E-book presentation: Troppa religione o troppo poca? Cristiani e musulmani alla prova della secolarizzazione


Inside an Epochal Change Christians in the Middle East and Compelled Migrations

The violence of Islamic extremism, the brutality of war and hunger are forcing thousands of people every day to flee their homes


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