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The long reign of the Coptic Pope - - Newsletter n. 5 - 2012



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The long reign of the Coptic Pope

For more than forty years he guided the Egyptian Coptic Church with great charisma in the difficult phase of the rise of Islamism and intercommunity tensions, aspiring to encourage cohesion, a sense of Christian identity among the faithful, catechesis, and a non submissive presence in society. Little more than a year after the fall of President Mubarak, which Shenouda witnessed without enthusiasm, his disappearance provides a further sign of the end of an era and obliges the greatest Christian community in the Arab world to make its own delicate transition in the midst of a general transition.


Father Rafiq Greiche, Head of the Press Office of the Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, speaks about him in a conversation with Oasis: Pope Shenouda III, the man who was practically a whole Synod on his own


 For further information we recommend Copts and Muslims of Egypt: How Today’s Emergency Came About by Tewfik Aclimandos  

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