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The Egyptians choose their new president - Newsletter n. 9 - 2012

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The Egyptians choose their new president

Over fifty million Egyptian electors will be voting in the first round of elections: on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 May they are called to choose the new president of Egypt from among 13 candidates, a figure with still dangerously undefined powers who will have to lead the country towards the ‘new Republic’ and satisfy the demands cried out by the protesters of Piazza Tahrir nearly a year and a half ago. What is the atmosphere like just a few hours before the polls? How do the Christians consider this date? Rafic Greiche, head of the Catholic Church Press Office in Egypt answers this and other questions. Click here to read the interview

On the waters of the Nile playing it by ear In these 18 months since the fall of Mubarak, a period which has been as full of events as it has been chaotic, what has really been achieved? Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron, co-director of the Institut d’études de l’Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman (IISMM) at the École des Hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Parigi, gives a detailed explaination of this to Oasis in this extract taken from the new issue of the Oasis magazine, due to come out in the next few days. Click here to read an extract of the text (in French).

‘Religion in a society in transition. How Tunisia consults the West’ The Oasis international committee meets once again on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June 2012 in Tunis to discuss this subject, hosting about seventy experts from all over the world, and led by Card. Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan and President of the Oasis Foundation. For further information, contact Oasis + 39 041 5312100. A provocation for the West: the third phase of Oasis The most important steps taken by Oasis since the year of its foundation (2004) and the challenges it will have to face today: this is the pathway outlined by Card. Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan and President of the Oasis International Foundation, during his speech at the Turin International Book Fair, Saturday 12 May in the spazio Sant’Anselmo, during the meeting: ‘Christians and Muslims in the age of mixed civilizations. The proposition and style of the Oasis magazine’. Together with Card. Scola Paolo Branca, Marco Bardazzi, Maria Laura Conte and Vittorio Emanuele Parsi also took the floor. Click here to see the video of Card. Scola’s speech (in Italian).  


Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd, Testo sacro e libertà. Per una lettura critica del Corano, Marsilio, Venice 2012.

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