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Trump’s Iran Derangement

Press Review - 12 October, 2017

Trump’s Iran Derangement. The president’s refusal to certify an accord his own defense secretary, James Mattis, says Iran is upholding, and is in the American national interest, would send a strong signal that the United States has become a bait-and-switch power whose word is worthless (the New York Times).

Fighting to bring ISIS to justice for war crimes against Yazidis. Investigators have collected thousands of documents, phone records and videos left behind by the militants after they ravaged much of northern Iraq (CNN).

Old Kabul reborn: Art, culture, and a rare ray of light- A British charity's rehabilitation of one of Kabul's poorest historic districts is doing more than restoring buildings and training traditional artisans. It is 'preserving the soul of the country' (the Christian Science Monitor).

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