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Focus ‘To educate we need an idea of man and above all practice of the humanum.’ Thus writes Patriarch Scola in the leading article of this twelfth edition of Oasis. It is on this idea that is founded a large part of the ¬review. We wanted to take a further step forward after the issues on Tradition (n. 10) and on Education (n. 11) in order to answer questions about the contents of education (in the final analysis: what is being proposed?) and about the relationship between education and public life in contemporary societies, which are – characterised, willingly or unwillingly, by pluralism. There springs from this an exploration of the subjects of religious membership and ‘positive’ secularity and of the relationship between these two dimensions, specifically beginning from the educational proposals that come from traditions. But today it is not sufficient only to ‘hand on’ because it is necessary to respond to the challenge that the experience of our – epoch – which is marked by disenchantment and uncertainty – poses to us.

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