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It is impossible to furnish an exhaustive account of the Synod of Bishops on the Middle East: this is an event that sowed seeds and outlined pathways in all directions. All of this requires adequate time in order to develop and flourish. But one can certainly state right now that one of its highest moments was the meditation engaged in ‘off the cuff’ by the Pope at the beginning of the deliberations of the Synod. An admirable speech as regards breadth and depth. A few weeks before the Synod the Pope had made a visit to Great Britain and the whole world was ‘amazed by the amazement’ with which the country, which has been the ‘seed-bed of modern atheism’, welcomed him. A visit where the subject of faith in the public domain was of especial importance (the address given at Westminster Hall) and one marked by the beatification of John Henry Newman, certain passages of whose very famous text on the Conscience we here offer to readers. Lastly, for Islamic Classics, the figure of a Shiite scholar who lived during the tenth century in Persia.

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