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The murder of Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian and the Ministry for Minorities of the Pakistani government, was an authentic trauma, and not only for the Christians of that country. The terrorists, the defenders of that juridical and philosophical shame that goes under the name of ‘the law against blasphemy’, wanted, indeed, to eliminate a true, peace-loving and aware man, and with him the hope that he embodied. We render homage to him through the publication of a number of passages from a book of his which was published by Marcianum Press and which can well be defined as being a spiritual testament. The drama of the Christian martyr Bhatti is illuminated by the last hours of Jesus, when his death was imminent: that pained and solitary cry in the Garden of Olives, that night of human and divine mystery to which the Pope devotes a number of pages in his second volume on Jesus. And from Benedict XVI, as well, the text of his address given at the Basilica of Health during his visit to Venice, a city marked by beauty and an aspiration to universality, both of which are the fruits of an imposing Christian history which today needs to be renewed profoundly. Lastly, for the Islamic classics, pages from a prophetic textbook of political philosophy in the form of tales addressed to the Caliph al-Mansûr (of the eighth century) on the subject of ‘just government’.

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