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In a message sent to the Chaldean Patriarch, Emmanuel Delly, Cardinal Angelo Scola wrote: 'I want to express to you and the martyred Christian community of Iraq my strongly felt participation in the tearing pain caused by the tragic death of H.E. Msgr. Paulos Faraj Rahho. The witness of martyrdom that the Christians of this troubled country are offering represents a powerful call for all our Churches. It is a peremptory invitation to all Christians to follow Jesus Christ, our Easter, with decisiveness'. Witness. That of Msgr. Rahlo and that of thousands and thousands of our Iraqi brothers and sisters. But, in essential terms, the witness that all Christians are called to because of their very faith in Jesus. Today, it is necessary to discover the profound contents of the category of witness, which is also an indispensable method for dialogue with Islam.

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