Religions and the public sphere

The Role of al-Azhar in the Battle against Fanaticism

Extremism has different causes, amongst which the following: 1. Scarce knowledge of the religion Some people dare to issue legal norms, especially regarding doctrinal issues, basing themselves on a superficial analysis of certain verses of the Qu’ran and sayings of the Prophet, without any understanding of the other texts linked to martyrdom and its fundamentals, considering the allegorical...

Muhyi al-Din 'Afifi Ahmad
Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud

Jihadism and violence

Extremists, Modern Heretics

In Islam a sinner continues to be a Muslim and cannot be excommunicated. Faith does not fail even if works fail

Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud

Jihadism and violence

Religious Violence, Founding Myth of the West?

With the increase of Islamic extremism, the tendency to identify the religion with violence and the search for secular and anti-religious solutions present themselves once again

Fadi Daou

Religions and the public sphere

The Language of Extremism

The fundamentalist discourse divides the world into two factions: that of evil and that of “true” believers

Hassan Mohamed Wageih Hassan
Turkish Mps vote for the new Contitution

The Peoples of Islam

Turkey Towards Erdoğan’s Authoritarian Presidentialism

The constitutional referendum in Turkey will be held on April 16, 2017. The proposed constitutional reform, promoted by the Erdoğan’s AKP, introduces presidentialism

Francesca Miglio

The Peoples of Islam

Is it Possible to Reform Islam?

The dialectic between renewal and conservation doea not always lead to the path traced by liberal modernity

Michele Brignone


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Citizenship and Religious Freedom

The Journal


The Qur‘an and its Custodians

Issue no. 23
July 2016

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The Challenge of Mestizaje in the Muslim Migration

Camillo Regalia, Cristina Giuliani, Stefania Giada Meda

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