Jihadism and violence

Living Under the Bombs in Raqqa

In the early stages of the Syrian revolution, only the regime in Damascus was able to use aircraft, but together with the increase of external influences and the rise of the Islamic State, the inroads of other international players into the national airspace have increased. The planes of the American-led coalition (Operation Inherent Resolve) started in September 2014 to strike Isis' positions in...

Amer Matar, Syrian writer and journalist of Raqqa, living in Berlin

Jihadism and violence

Those Desert Terrorists Resurrecting the Middle Ages in the Maghreb

Who are AQIM and the Murabitun – at the origin of the attack in Burkina Faso

Chiara Pellegrino

Jihadism and violence

The Other Battle in Iraq: to Win Sunni Consent

Why the tribes that defeated al-Qaeda in 2007 are now struggling to oppose Isis

Giovanni Parigi

Arab Revolutions

Libya, the Virtues of an Imperfect Agreement

The deal reached in December is an important step that allows to understand who is working for and who is against a political resolution

Riccardo Redaelli

The Peoples of Islam

Algeria, a Succession Already in Place

Mistery over President Bouteflika’s health, fighting among the high ranks of the army and in the secret services: the political élites demand answers on who is leading the country

Caterina Roggero

The Peoples of Islam

Why Saudi Arabia is not an Isis That has Made it

They may share the same ideology, but Islamic State’s raison d'être is to remake the world by restoring the "caliphate". The 47 executions and Riyadh's fears

Michele Brignone



Boundaries that Change Us. Europe and Islam, Current Significance of a Relationship

Relations between Europe and the Islamic world have ancient origins, but historical evolution and the changes that have assailed the Middle East in recent decades make it necessary to reflect on the development of this relationship. So what is the impact today of European civilization on the Muslim world, and vice versa? Does Europe still have something to say to the contemporary Islamic world?...

The Journal


Year 11 N.22 December 2015

The Cross and the Black Flag



Iraq’s Christians: the History of a Tempered Faith

“Esteem is born of acquaintance and with esteem come friendship and affection.” This strong conviction (expressed by the author in the preface) is the guiding force behind the book, which presents the changing situation of the Christian communities in Mesopotamia during the course of their bimillenary history: from their birth, at the end of the first century/beginning of the second century,...

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