Christians in the Muslim world

The Invisible Christians of Qatar

Doha. If you try to look for Mesaymir on any map of Qatar you will find a group of isolated sand colored buildings. The street sign on the six-lanes in the middle of the desert says “religious compound,” approximately 40 kilometers from Doha, where the country’s eight recognized Christian minorities are clustered. Mesaymir is a group of unmarked caramel-colored buildings, surrounded by a large...

Laura Cappon

Christians in the Muslim world

Egypt, Christians no Longer Feel Protected by Sisi

The Cairo church bombing undermines the credibility of the Egyptian President, accused by the Copts of not doing enough for their safety

Chiara Pellegrino

Christians in the Muslim world

When the Bible Was Printed in Mosul

The history of Dominican printing which brought the sacred texts back to Chaldean Christians in the nineteenth century

Jean-Maurice Fiey

Christians in the Muslim world

Iraqi Christians Fear for Their Future

An Iraqi priest denounces: the government in Baghdad will not make room for minorities

Francesca Miglio

Arabo-Islamic Classics

Mosul: the Fortress that Charmed Travelers

The golden age of a city beyond compare in the narrative of an Arab writer of the twelfth century

Ibn Jubayr
Celebration of the feast of Muharram in Iran

The Peoples of Islam

What Iran Wants in Iraq

The rivalry among holy cities, Khomeini’s doctrine opposed to ayatollah al-Sistani’s quietism: how the cracks in the Shi’ite front affect the fight against ISIS

Riccardo Redaelli

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