Eastern Christians

Christians Caught in the Middle Between Turkey and Syria

In Mardin, among refugees and jihadi smuggling routes, Syriacs wait for Ankara to return their confiscated property

Davide Lerner

Jihadism and violence

Here’s why Lone Wolves Don’t Exist

Jihadism is an interactive process, as the attacks in Spain show. An interview with Petter Nesser

Rolla Scolari

Jihadism and violence

An Invisible Resource Against Extremism? “Islam Itself”

There is a certain difficulty in understanding the value that the religious dimension has in the process of integration

Fernando de Haro

Jihadism and violence

Jihadism Forces us to Ponder on our Way of Life

In front of terrorism, the claiming back of a western “lifestyle” rises from the ashes. But does it really exist?

Gabriel Richi Alberti

Jihadism and violence

Why the Battle of Marawi is Important

From the outcome of the siege of the city we will understand which form Isis will take in Southeast Asia and beyond

Sebastiano D’Ambra

Religions and the public sphere

Islam and the West in Europe: Encounter or Clash?

The growing presence of Muslims in Europe raises the question of compatibility between different views in the public sphere

Javier Maria Prades López


E-Book Presentation

Citizenship and Religious Freedom

The Journal


Who Speaks for Muslims

Issue no. 25
July 2017

Book reviews


The Evolution of Jihad in Europe, from the 1990s to Today

Petter Nesser, Islamist Terrorism in Europe. A History, Hurst Publishers, London, 2015

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