Arab Revolutions

Journey to Aleppo

We want to propose to you the travel log that a representative of the Association of Holy Land wrote for Oasis from Aleppo. He visited the Western part of the Syrian city in October, when the bloody conflict between the forces of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the rebel armed groups, controlling the east side of the city, was still ongoing. The city was fully reconquered by the government army in...

Giacomo Gentile

Arab Revolutions

Journey to Damascus

In Damascus, your glass moves on the dinner table because of the bombs, and you pretend nothing happened. A surreal evening in a city from which men have disappeared, dead or soldiers at the front

Marco Perini*

Arabo-Islamic Classics

The Splendors of Ancient Aleppo

The account of Ibn Jubayr, who visited the city in the XIII century: courted by rulers, many battles were waged for her

Ibn Jubayr

Jihadism and violence

Prisons in the Era of Religious Pluralism

In Italian prisons, more than one out of three foreign inmates is a Muslim. The need for proper formation of chaplain-imams has become urgent

Antonio Cuciniello
Kouachi Brothers

Jihadism and violence

Europe and Jihadism: is it Possible to “De-Radicalize”?

Journey into two French prisons, where an experimental program pushed young inmates to “imagine themselves” differently

Bartolomeo Conti

Islamic Thinkers

Renewing Islam

In Europe we often think that within Islam there is no debate on the Holy Scriptures. However, the debate does exists, and often features strong tones leading also to controversy, as in this article from al-Safir, a leftist newspaper, whose tone is definitely very hard and accusatory. How to interpret the Qur’an in light of the context in which Muslims live today?

Habib Fayad*


Presentation of Oasis no. 24

Thursday 19th, January 2017

The Journal


The Qur‘an and its Custodians

Issue no. 23
July 2016

Book reviews


The Challenge of Mestizaje in the Muslim Migration

Camillo Regalia, Cristina Giuliani, Stefania Giada Meda

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