Albanian martyrs

Religions and the public sphere

The Long Avenue of Totalitarianism

Communist State atheism did not managed to overpower the Albanian Church, as demonstrated by the faces of 39 martyrs who were killed during the dictatorship and who struck Pope Francis.

Martino Diez
A mosque in Tirana

Interreligious dialogue

The Red Terror has Silenced the Minarets but not the Hearts of Believers

A young scholar, Skender Bruçai, who was born in 1976, has led the Islamic community of Albania, which makes up about 60% of the overall population, since last March. He followed with great attention every stage of the day that Pope Francis spent in this ‘periphery’ in which the Communist regime for a quarter of a century tried to destroy religious faith in a systematic and inhuman way, but without succeeding.

Marialaura Conte

Religions and the public sphere

Francis in the Outskirts that tried to Cancel God

‘If sin is drawing away from God, then Albania was the country where sin was sanctioned by the Constitution. And the lives of believers had become impossible here, in these outskirts of the world. Outskirts which today feel that that they are looked at, preferred by Francis’. This is how Albert Nikolla, aged forty-five, married and the father of two children, and the director of the Caritas of...

Marialaura Conte
Michele Brignone

Religions and the public sphere

Where the Violence of the Islamist Revival Comes from

The birth of the IS was not an unforeseen contingency but, instead, the uncalculated result of decades of Islamist rhetoric and propaganda which were also generated by the ambiguities of reformist thought. The anti-conformist analysis of the Egyptian scholar, Sherif Younis.

Michele Brignone
President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi

Arab Revolutions

Yemen: New Scenarios behind the Armed Clashes in Sana’a

After the fall of its thirty-year regime, this country with a strategic position in the Arab peninsula is going through a season of grave economic crisis and new disorders which allow us to perceive a possible change in the equilibriums that have existed hitherto between Sunnis and Shiites.

Laura Silvia Battaglia

Mestizaje of civilisations

Towards a Genuine Fraternity between Christians and Muslims

Message from the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue



June 16 and 17: Oasis in Sarajevo

The international network of Oasis will meet in Sarajevo on Monday and Tuesday 16-17 June 2014 on the subject: The Temptation of Violence. Religions between War and Reconciliation. This event, chaired by Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, will be opened by Cardinal Vinko Puljić, the Archbishop of Sarajevo, and by Husein ef. Kavazović, the Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic community...

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The Journal


Year 10 N.19 June 2014

Regenerating Institutions. Beyond Protest and Against Violence



André de Peretti, Maurice Borrmans, Louis Massignon et le Comité Chrétien d’Entente France-Islam (1947-1962)

Known and esteemed for the breadth and depth of his work in Islamic studies, Louis Massignon was anything but a man of libraries. Indeed, while he tried through culture to being two civilisations closer together which had been rivals for a long time and kept at a distance by mutual misunderstanding, he did not neglect the great challenges that were taking place under his eyes and in which were...

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