Jihadism and violence

The origins of Jihadism in Europe

Since Europe’s arrival within the Islamic State’s sight, politicians and security experts are questioning the manner in which terrorism should be countered. Another very lively debate has erupted among predominantly French scholars of Islam, divided on the origin and nature of jihadist militancy. Triggering the debate was an article by Olivier Roy published on Le Monde on November 24, 2015 in...

Michele Brignone
Iraqi Kurdistan's leader, Barzani

The Peoples of Islam

Which Kurdistan are the Kurds Fighting for?

Political parties, movements, armed militias: why the pan-Kurdish political project falters and each group pursues its own interests

Francesca Miglio

Religions and the public sphere

When Europe Demands that Religions Become “Liberal”

The debate surrounding Islam in the European Union refers to the broader question of the role of religions in a secular society

Olivier Roy

Mestizaje of civilisations

This is Not a Fight Between Muslim

and Non-Muslim Societies

What we are witnessing is a clash between a conservative system and a progressive model

Abdelmajid Charfi

Mestizaje of civilisations

The Mediterranean, a Global Space

From an area of conflict and exchange, Mare Nostrum has become a counter-East that creates an area of mixture and proximity

Henry Laurens

Mestizaje of civilisations

The fate of Schengen and the Endurance of the European Pact

The migration crisis put the EU to the test. In order to hold out, the Union must not be perceived as a service provider, but as a dimension of existence of its citizens and residents

Andrea Pin



Secularization Models between Islam and Christianity

E-book presentation: Troppa religione o troppo poca? Cristiani e musulmani alla prova della secolarizzazione

The Journal


Year 11 no. 22 December 2015

The Cross and the Black Flag

Book reviews


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