Nasser Hadian

The Peoples of Islam

Nuclear Agreement: How the World will Change with Iran on Track

The Iranian nuclear agreement will have serious repercussions for Iran's international relations and across the Middle East, but also domestically at a political and social level. The various implications will be measured over time, but the first movements are already visible. Interview with Nasser Hadian, Professor of Political Science at the University of Tehran.

Chiara Pellegrino
A group of foreign fighters

Jihadism and violence

Foreign Fighters: Looking for a Cause to Dedicate their Lives to, or Spill Blood for (Even Yours)

All they need is a low-cost flight to Istanbul then they vanish across the Syrian border, into the Caliphate's army. They're youngsters, sometimes even minors, who were raised and educated in Europe but can no longer stand it, and leave it behind. What triggered them? What do they hope spilling blood will offer them?

Marialaura Conte

Jihadism and violence

Women and Jihad: Sociology is Not Always Enough to Explain It

Foreign fighters have been the subject of studies and dossiers by highly accredited institutions. Yet there is a risk that this analysis, although very complex, has stopped at the sociological explanations, which are necessary but not sufficient to explain the phenomenon to its full extent, because the thrust of the religious motivation can not be avoided. The history and the facts require it.

Chiara Pellegrino

Jihadism and violence

Egypt Between Jihadist Terror and Blind Repression

The sequence of acts that have caused bloodshed in Egypt is an expression of the unstable and violent season that sees the country squeezed between the infiltration of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Sisi. The jihadists aim to construct an authentically Islamic system. The Brotherhood seeks to destabilise the government, enforcing indiscriminate repression that will eventually suffocate society's positive energies.

Michele Brignone
Angelo Scola

Eastern Christians

Let’s Stop Those Who Kill. Europe for Iraq

It was the first day of Ramadan last year (29 June) when ISIS proclaimed the caliphate. The following Friday, al-Baghdadi was shown in public in the great mosque in Mosul and the following months saw the expulsion of Christians from the villages on the plain of Nineveh, the massacre of the Yazidi and jihadist expansion in Iraq and Syria. Coincidence would have it that the first Friday of Ramadan,...

Angelo Scola

Jihadism and violence

And after a Year, What do we Know about the "Caliphate"?

A year after the investiture of “Caliph” Ibrahim, ISIS has become an ominously familiar presence, yet we still lack a true understanding of what it really is. It is a difficulty that reveals a tangle of unresolved issues in Islam and the West.

Michele Brignone



Under Caesar's Sword

Rome, Decembre 10-12 2015 at the Pontifical Urbaniana University The main objective of the conference is to introduce the results of the world’s first systematic global investigation into the responses of Christian communities to the violation of their religious freedom. The scope of Under Caesar’s Sword extends to some 100 beleaguered Christian communities in around 30 countries. In...

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