Eastern Christians

Syriac Church: 122 manuscripts from Mossul

122 Syriac and Garshuni manuscripts from the library of Mar Toma Syrian Catholic Church in Mosul have been digitalized and published online.

Arab Revolutions

Emergency: Refugees in Iraq

AVSI Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign in support of Iraqi refugees, mostly Christians, who have found refuge in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, following clashes between the Islamic state and Kurdish militias in the north-east Iraq.

Christians in the Muslim world

‘Hurry up, the Life of Iraq Depends on it’

My greetings to you, At a moment when our beloved Iraq is undergoing a crisis of security and order, when day by day the number of deaths and refugees is growing and destruction is growing worse, we unite our humble voice, as an Iraqi Christian religious point of reference, to the voices of the Shiite and Sunni authorities to beg you to speed up the election of the three presidencies [the...

Louis Sako

Christians in the Muslim world

Have we Become Used to the Elimination of the Christians?

A cry has gone up from the heart of old Europe: Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the Archbishop of Lyons calls our attention to the Christians being systematically killed in Iraq. Because we cannot become used to the news of death that comes every day from the East and because we cannot remain silent. He calls on everyone to act in first person.

Philippe Barbarin

Arab Revolutions

A Caliphate that does not Enthuse Muslims

Although it has alarmed the West, which is not able to control it nor to grasp all of its significance, the caliphate proclaimed by the Islamic State with its capital in Mosul has not found many supporters amongst Muslim thinkers. Indeed, either they have kept quiet or they have made precise criticisms which highlight the convulsions that agitate the umma – because of the absence of a single face to Islam as well.

Michele Brignone

Mestizaje of civilisations

Towards a Genuine Fraternity between Christians and Muslims

Message from the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue



June 16 and 17: Oasis in Sarajevo

The international network of Oasis will meet in Sarajevo on Monday and Tuesday 16-17 June 2014 on the subject: The Temptation of Violence. Religions between War and Reconciliation. This event, chaired by Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, will be opened by Cardinal Vinko Puljić, the Archbishop of Sarajevo, and by Husein ef. Kavazović, the Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic community...

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The Journal


Year 10 N.19 June 2014

Regenerating Institutions. Beyond Protest and Against Violence



That Irreducible Diversity of Reality

Born in 1947, Bruno Latour was a philosophy agrégé who subsequently became involved in anthropology. He worked in Africa and taught in the United States before returning to France where he is known – and rather kept at arm’s length – as a critic of ‘modernity’. Latour was invited to give the prestigious Gifford Lectures in Edinburgh in 2013 all the same. What made Latour famous was a book...

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