Christians in the Muslim world

The Forgotten Genocide of the Syriac Christians

The overused andem majority-minority is not enough to understand the dramatic situation of Christianity today in the Middle East. We have to go back to the turning point that took place between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: the European nationalist logic spread to the Ottoman empire and opened up the road to new political movements.

Paolo Maggiolini

Religions and the public sphere

For an Islam free from violence

Statement from the representatives of Islamic Theological Studies in Germany on the current political situation in the Middle East, issued on the occasion of the International Congress „Horizons of Islamic Theology“ at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Christians in the Muslim world

Nigeria: the most innocent, the most vulnerable

Young girls turned into human bombs to perpetrate cowardly murders, whole villages wiped out: Boko Haram action continues to devastate many parts of the vast country of Nigeria, rich in natural resources but divided by tensions, and hoping to find a new stability in the upcoming elections. An interview with H.E. Mgr. Kukah, Bishop of Sokoto, Nigeria

Francesca Miglio

Religions and the public sphere

The prices of the Isis slaves and the condemnation of the Egyptian institutions

Last October, the self-proclaimed Islamic State published a detailed list of the prices for enslaved prisoners, and regulations on how to treat them. And this practice has been condemned by many Arab countries and institutions like the Observatory on the Takfirist Fatwas founded by the Egyptian Mufti.

Chiara Pellegrino

The Peoples of Islam

Beyond the Postcard. The Portrait of a Wounded City

After Albania – Bosnia. Pope Francis continues to dedicate special attention to the Balkans, a region on Europe’s periphery which have an Orthodox majority, as well as being characterised by numerous Muslim communities. And it is specifically Orthodox and Muslims, for different reasons, who are two fundamental interlocutors of this pontificate. But whereas in Albania the Pope had to deal with a...

Martino Diez
Ahmad el-Tayeb

Arab Revolutions

The Islam of al-Azhar, between extremists and modernists

In a rare and extended interview with the newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Imam of al-Azhar, explains the position of this great Egyptian institution in respect of al-Sisi's invitation to promote a more enlightened perspective within Islam. In particular, he addresses the issue of violent deviation by certain elements who claim to be Muslims, and of the actual role of al-Azhar within the Muslim community.

Michele Brignone



Can we still talk about religious freedom? Comparing experiences between old and new worlds

Tuesday 17th March 2015, 5pm, at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Piazza Pio XI, Milan. within the project Knowing hybridization, governing change The Oasis Fundation, in cooperation with the Cariplo Fundation, after a day-long workshop on the issue Religious freedom and freedom of expression, present a public conference under the title: Can we still talk about religious freedom? Comparing...

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Year 10 N.19 June 2014

Regenerating Institutions. Beyond Protest and Against Violence



With Isis, because I love death more than you love life

"Mum, you're too materialistic. All that matters is finding your daughter. You should know that I am no longer your daughter. I belong to God. I will never return to the land of the unbelievers. If your government of unbelievers should come to find me with an army, we will execute every last one of them, the Truth will win out, we are afraid of nothing. We love death more than you love life"....

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