Jihadism and violence

Spain Considers How to Monitor its Imams

After the attacks in Barcelona, the debate on imams’ training and the demand for Islamic education in a secular state gets more intense

María de los Ángeles Corpas Aguirre

Jihadism and violence

How Isis has Arrived in the Philippines

The battle of Marawi is just the last chapter of a long process of radicalization of anti-government local groups

Paul A. Rodell

Jihadism and violence

Conversation Among Scholars on the Origins of Extremism

“There is a flaw in religious law from which is derived a flaw in the jurisprudence of life”

Ridwan Al-Sayyid

The Peoples of Islam

Shi‘ites and Leadership

From imam’s centrality to the jurisconsult’s government

Fârès Gillon

Eastern Christians

Christians Caught in the Middle Between Turkey and Syria

In Mardin, among refugees and jihadi smuggling routes, Syriacs wait for Ankara to return their confiscated property

Davide Lerner

The Peoples of Islam

The Popularity of Arabic Poetry

From the desert to talent shows, Arabs identify the community’s collective memory in the figure of the poet

Oriana Capezio


E-Book Presentation

Citizenship and Religious Freedom

The Journal


Who Speaks for Muslims

Issue no. 25
July 2017

Book reviews


The Evolution of Jihad in Europe, from the 1990s to Today

Petter Nesser, Islamist Terrorism in Europe. A History, Hurst Publishers, London, 2015

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