Arab Revolutions

“Journalism is not lying, it means taking a stand” Interview with Ghassan Hajjar, managing editor of An Nahar

Founded in 1933 by Gebran Tueni, the newspaper An Nahar has distinguished itself for political and social battles, and which has always supported the opposition. It has given voice to numerous opponents of regimes in Arab countries, particularly those who took refuge in Beirut. Today Ghassan Hajjar is the managing editor of the newspaper. In the West we often talk about the difficulties of...

Marialaura Conte

Christians in the Muslim world

Pakistan: the law on blasphemy, from defence to hatred

Pakistan’s law on blasphemy is sadly known for its discriminatory effect on religious minorities and the case involving Asia Bibi, who is still waiting for the judgement of the Court of Second Instance after a death condemnation in the First Instance, is unfortunately not an isolated one. But where did this provision contained in the Penal Code’s articles 295/B-C and 298/A-C come from? It is a...

Martino Diez

Arab Revolutions

Syria: a Thousand-Year-Old Heritage Victim of War

Ten thousand years of history, antique, Christian, Muslim, memory of humanity are crumble every day under the bombs, thefts, clandestine excavations, and the trading of works of art. The Syrian is a unique world patrimony (10,000 sites and works of art listed, 8 UNESCO sites five of which have been destroyed) eroded daily in the general oblivion. Paolo Matthiae, the archaeologist who discovered...

Viviane Dutaut-Ceccarelli

Press Review

Yemen latest front line in Saudi-Qatari feud

A poor and fragile country like Yemen cannot make independent decisions or escape the effects of the many disagreements around it. While Yemen did not withdraw its ambassador from Doha — unlike Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on March 5 — it should not be read as an endorsement by Yemen of Qatar’s policies. Equally, Yemen did not criticize the Gulf action against Doha and...

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Oasis participates in the Salone del Libro in Turin

Monday, 12th May, at 7pm in the Sala Rossa. RELIGIONS ON A TIGHTROPE, BETWEEN SECULARISM AND IDEOLOGY, the latest issue of the Oasis journal. Speakers: Gian Enrico Rusconi (Professor Emeritus of Political Sciences at the University of Turin), Francesco Botturi (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) and Marco Bardazzi (La Stampa digital editor) In collaboration with Oasis International...

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Year 9 N.18 December 2013

Religions on a Tightrope, between Secularism and Ideology



The Cassette Player Against the West

When The Disenchantment of the World was first published in French in 1985, it was like a breakthrough in Europe. The message was understood to be that Christianity was ‘the religion of the exit from religion’. That was almost thirty years ago, when Marxism still seemed to be there forever, but one received idea was already challenged, according to which secularisation and the liberating dynamic...

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