Religions and the public sphere

Al-Sisi, Human Rights and the West

The case of Giulio Regeni and that of the many Egyptians who have disappeared into thin air and, more recently, the mobilization of the Egyptian union of journalists have brought once again into question the respect of human rights in the Egypt of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Unlike other authoritarian regimes of the past, which masked their repressive policies with a purely cosmetic...

Michele Brignone

The Peoples of Islam

Muqtada al-Sadr: from Warlord to Populist Leader

During the war in Iraq, his troops were among the most ruthless opponents to the U.S. army and they contributed to the exacerbation of sectarian tensions. Today, the Shiite cleric has reinvented himself as the leader of protests demanding an end to corruption and reforms

Andrea Plebani, Chiara Lovotti

Jihadism and violence

Syria, Libya, Iraq: Armed Groups and Power

The collapse or the weakening of Middle Eastern regimes led to the emergence of different ideological, ethnic and sectarian forces increasingly represented by paramilitary movements

Giovanni Parigi

Jihadism and violence

The origins of Jihadism in Europe

Nihilist revolt, Third-Worldist reaction or Islamic response to social marginalization. The French debate the nature of extremist militancy

Michele Brignone
Iraqi Kurdistan's leader, Barzani

The Peoples of Islam

Which Kurdistan are the Kurds Fighting for?

Political parties, movements, armed militias: why the pan-Kurdish political project falters and each group pursues its own interests

Francesca Miglio

Religions and the public sphere

When Europe Demands that Religions Become “Liberal”

The debate surrounding Islam in the European Union refers to the broader question of the role of religions in a secular society

Olivier Roy



Secularization Models between Islam and Christianity

E-book presentation: Troppa religione o troppo poca? Cristiani e musulmani alla prova della secolarizzazione

The Journal


Year 11 no. 22 December 2015

The Cross and the Black Flag

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