Pope Tawadros and General al-Sisi

Religions and the public sphere

Egyptian Copts and the Liberty to Build Churches

The presence of Christianity in Egypt dates back to the mid first century AD, when Saint Mark the Apostle came to Alessandria from the neighboring Libya, his birthplace, after becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Palestine. Saint Mark was martyrized in Alessandria in 68 AD and was one of the founders of the Egyptian Church, known as the Coptic Orthodox Church. Christianity went on...

Pope Tawadros II

Jihadism and violence

Having the Courage to Take a Stand after Nice

The time of gray is over. Only black and white remain, for and against violence

Martino Diez

The Peoples of Islam

How Erdogan Weakened the Military

The Turkish President managed to deplete armed forces from their political prerogatives, weakening their Kemalist component and saving himself from the coup

Giovanni Parigi

Religions and the public sphere

What is the Solution for France?

The national “values” that a certain consensus claims are impervious to terrorism now sound empty, and nobody knows what secularism means anymore

Jean Duchesne
The church of Rouen

Religions and the public sphere

The Quran and Respect for Holy Places

The brutal attack claimed by the Islamic State in Rouen clearly lies outside the limits that Islamic law establishes for the use of violence

Martino Diez

Jihadism and violence

Syria, Libya, Iraq: Armed Groups and Power

The collapse or the weakening of Middle Eastern regimes led to the emergence of different ideological, ethnic and sectarian forces increasingly represented by paramilitary movements

Giovanni Parigi



Europe, Italy and a Changing Islam

The growing Muslim presence in Europe

The Journal


The Qur‘an and its Custodians

Issue no. 23
July 2016

Book reviews


History of an ‘Accidental State’

A History of Modern Libya, second edition

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