Religions and the public sphere

Turkey and Tunisia: a Possible Parallel?

The recent decision of the Tunisian Islamist party, Ennahda, to separate political activity from religious activity has sparked debate among Muslim intellectuals. Within the Arab world, the announcement has raised the dismay of both the Islamists, who consider it to be a concession, and the Secularists, who accuse Ennahda of creating two competing discourses. Beyond the Arab world, Ennahda’s...

Chiara Pellegrino

Arab Revolutions

The Tunisian Exception: the Armed Forces

After 2011, helping facilitate a political transition was an army that did not play a supporting role to the dictator and lacked vested interests or collusions with the regime, and that is transforming itself today

Giovanni Parigi
Iraqi Kurdistan's leader, Barzani

The Peoples of Islam

Which Kurdistan are the Kurds Fighting for?

Political parties, movements, armed militias: why the pan-Kurdish political project falters and each group pursues its own interests

Francesca Miglio
Mgr George Bugeja

Christians in the Muslim world

Pentecost Friday

“Libya is not a closed chapter for the Church, we live in a difficult time alongside the country,” says bishop of Tripoli, George Bugeja

Rolla Scolari

Religions and the public sphere

The “J’Accuse” of a Saudi Journalist

Nadine al-Budayr has written articles and spoken out against the rule of religious men in the Muslim world. She has been heavily criticized and today is at the center of controversy. Here is why

Nadine al-Budayr

Jihadism and violence

Syria, Libya, Iraq: Armed Groups and Power

The collapse or the weakening of Middle Eastern regimes led to the emergence of different ideological, ethnic and sectarian forces increasingly represented by paramilitary movements

Giovanni Parigi



Threats to Religious and Ethnic Minorities Under the Islamic State

Featuring Ambassador David Saperstein, Kent Hill, Sherri Talabani, and others

The Journal


Year 11 no. 22 December 2015

The Cross and the Black Flag

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