Iranian Christians attending mass service

Christians in the Muslim world

Christians in Iran

A brief description

Mgr. Jeanbart

Eastern Christians

Syrian Christians are Caught between civil war and Islamist terrorism

The last four years have been a nightmare for Syria and all his people: war, famine, destruction, hatred. The Christian minority in particular is risking to literally disappear from that land. The Melkite Archbishop of Aleppo explains the position of the bishops before and during the war, and urges the West to stop Isis and to rebuild peace, a necessary condition for recovery.

Jean-Clément Jeanbart

Christians in the Muslim world

Free, therefore Intolerable. Away with the Christians in Iraq!

Mosul’s falling into the Caliph’s vicelike grip has been only the most recent black page in the history of Christian persecution in Iraq. Beginning about a century ago, the exodus of Christians has reached a point of no return. The unsustainable number of refugees and their individual stories so full of absurd pain but also the will to start again, are evidence of a process that is changing the Middle East’s “ecosystem,” now at the mercy of nihilistic forms of sectarianism. With repercussions for the West, as well.

Marialaura Conte
Mons. Ignazio Bedini

Christians in the Muslim world

Christians in Iran are like flowers in the desert

Monsignor Ignazio Bedini, Bishop of Isfahan of the Latins from December 1989 to January 2015, with the memory of the more than fifty years at the service of the Latin Catholic Church in Iran, describes the awareness gained of the meaning of “Christian presence” in that country.

Marialaura Conte
ISIS journal Dabiq

Jihadism and violence

Why is ISIS’ magazine called Dabiq

In the vast literature of hadîth (hundreds of thousands of sayings attributed to the Prophet of Islam), some always enjoyed particular popularity because of their content, their particularly poignant formula or their wide diffusion, understood as a guarantee of their authenticity. This is the case for example of the collection of 40 hadîths compiled by an-Nawawî, the famous thirteenth-century...

Martino Diez
Children enrolled in ISIS' army

Religions and the public sphere

Sharia law does not call for child soldiers

It appears that at least 400 children have been recruited by Isis as child soldiers for the Caliphate. The recruitment happens through violence or with the consent of families, too poor to oppose. However, a quick review of Islamic norms documents that this practice is also against Islamic law, on which the Caliphate itself stands.

Chiara Pellegrino



The Tablet and the Crescent: Islam and the West Tested by the Media

The Oasis International Foundation, in co-operation with the Cariplo Foundation, organizes a public conference under the title: The Tablet and the Crescent: Islam and the West Tested by the Media Thursday April 14th, 6 pm at San Fedele Foundation [Piazza San Fedele 4, Milan] Speakers: Mustafa Akyol, columnist of the New York Times; Gilles Kepel, political scientist, Sciences...

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The Journal


Year 10 N.20 December 2014

Sacred Violence?
Religions between war and reconciliation



Iraq’s Christians: ‘Evil has no future. Good is victorious’

No newspaper, no report, no type of documentary is able to let the reader empathize with the experience of Christians living in Iraq today any more than the testimony of H.B. Louis Sako, the Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad can do. His words are condensed into “Ne nous oubliez pas!”, a small book which, through the eyewitness account of a pastor engaged in the field, reveals the story of martyrs and...

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