Jihadism and violence

If Egypt No Longer Controls Sinai

Sinai and its terrorists are the subject of many discourses - those of the Egyptian state, those of human rights organisations, those of Islamists, and those of the "indigenous" and Bedouin population, especially after the downing of the Russian plane at the end of October, a few weeks before the bombings in Beirut and the simultaneous attacks in Paris. A problem and therefore a challenge that...

Tewfik Aclimandos

Jihadism and violence

The Islamic State Against the “Third Way”

Terrorists hit France because the country is fighting so that Syria is not condemned to the alternative between the “Caliphate” and Assad

Jean-Pierre Filiu

Jihadism and violence

"Beirut Covered in Trash Speaks of an Arab World in Crisis"

The roots of the conflict that has struck Lebanon go deep into the history of its peoples, their memories and the policies of their leaders, commentaries on sacred texts and education

Salim Daccache

Jihadism and violence

Why Putin Looks to the Caucasus When he Bombs in Syria

Russia fears the return of Russian fighters who left for jihad in the Middle East

Francesca Miglio

Arab Revolutions

The Nuclear Agreement Brings Iran to the Syrian Negotiating Table

The arrival of Tehran at talks in Vienna opens up new scenarios in the Middle East

Claudio Fontana

The Peoples of Islam

Sunnis and Shiites: Their Differences and the Origin of an Ancient Divide

To diffuse the conflict in the Islamic world, the religious and secular spheres should be differenciated



Boundaries that Change Us. Europe and Islam, Current Significance of a Relationship

Relations between Europe and the Islamic world have ancient origins, but historical evolution and the changes that have assailed the Middle East in recent decades make it necessary to reflect on the development of this relationship. So what is the impact today of European civilization on the Muslim world, and vice versa? Does Europe still have something to say to the contemporary Islamic world?...

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Year 11 N.21 June 2015

Islam at the Crossroads.
Tradition, Reform and Jihad



The Chimera of a State for the Qur’an

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