The Peoples of Islam

The Emirates, or the Gulf's “Little Sparta"

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and his support for another ambitious prince (on the raise) in Riyadh

Cinzia Bianco

The Peoples of Islam

The divisions in the Middle East: not only Sunnis and Shiites

In the Gulf crisis, Ulama and preachers have aligned not according to religious but political orientation

Michele Brignone

The Peoples of Islam

Who are the Sufis?

Brotherhood, mysticism, saints, and mausoleums. A guide to understanding the most spiritual stream of Islam and its history

Chiara Pellegrino

Jihadism and violence

Why Salafis Have Anti-Sufi Attitudes

Salafis have doctrinal and political objections to Sufis

Joas Wagemakers

The Peoples of Islam

Sufi Orders and the Turkish Coup d’Etat

The Sufi tradition has shaped Islam in Turkey and is at the origin of those movements and parties that today are key players in the country’s politics

Alberto Fabio Ambrosio

Eastern Christians

Christians in the Middle East: a Guide

Maronites, Copts, Melkites, Chaldeans ... It is not easy to navigate among the various Christian communities in the Middle East. An overview

Martino Diez


E-Book Presentation

Citizenship and Religious Freedom

The Journal


Between Immigration and Islam

Issue no. 24
December 2016

Book reviews


The Challenge of Mestizaje in the Muslim Migration

Camillo Regalia, Cristina Giuliani, Stefania Giada Meda

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