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The divisions in the Middle East: not only Sunnis and Shiites

In the Gulf crisis, Ulama and preachers have aligned not according to religious but political orientation

05/07/2017 | Michele Brignone | The Peoples of Islam

Resistance in Qatar

Saudi Arabia and the Emirates thought that Doha would have quickly surrendered to pressures, but the crisis will be long

04/07/2017 | Rolla Scolari | The Peoples of Islam

Beyond ISIS. Authority and freedom in contemporary Islam

Oasis brings its international network together and looks at future challenges

28/06/2017 | Editorial Staff

Those Shrines Destroyed by the Extremist Fury

From Pakistan to Mali, by way of Tunisia and Egypt, extremist groups annihilated ancient monuments

27/06/2017 | Redazione | The Peoples of Islam

Sufi Orders and the Turkish Coup d’Etat

The Sufi tradition has shaped Islam in Turkey and is at the origin of those movements and parties that today are key players in the country’s politics

27/06/2017 | Alberto Fabio Ambrosio | The Peoples of Islam

Who are the Sufis?

Brotherhood, mysticism, saints, and mausoleums. A guide to understanding the most spiritual stream of Islam and its history

27/06/2017 | Chiara Pellegrino | The Peoples of Islam

The Emirates, or the Gulf's “Little Sparta"

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and his support for another ambitious prince (on the raise) in Riyadh

27/06/2017 | Cinzia Bianco | The Peoples of Islam

Why Salafis Have Anti-Sufi Attitudes

Salafis have doctrinal and political objections to Sufis

21/06/2017 | Joas Wagemakers | Jihadism and violence

Christians in the Middle East: a Guide

Maronites, Copts, Melkites, Chaldeans ... It is not easy to navigate among the various Christian communities in the Middle East. An overview

04/05/2017 | Martino Diez | Eastern Christians

“Muslims Need to Reflect on Themselves”

The reactive speech that contributes to the spread of the ideological discourse popular on the market of extremism should end

13/04/2017 | Antoine Messarra | Religions and the public sphere

Freedom and Citizenship according to al-Azhar

"Even if the Islamic debate on terrorism remains on an apologetic level, important steps have been made in the battle against extremism"

13/04/2017 | Rafic Greiche | Religions and the public sphere

The Role of Religious Leaders in Fighting Extremism

Religion is the solution and not a part of the problem. Ignorance regarding religious teachings is the main factor behind fundamentalism

13/04/2017 | Pope Tawadros II | Religions and the public sphere

There Are No Minorities, only Citizens

The al-Azhar declaration calls for a renewed alliance between all Arab citizens: Muslims, Christians and those of other religions

13/04/2017 | Al-Azhar Great Mosque | Religions and the public sphere

“The Islamic Sacred Scriptures are Not Rental Weapons”

The rise of extremism coincides with the reduction of a correct understanding of religion

13/04/2017 | Ahmad al-Tayyib, Grand Imam of al-Azhar | Religions and the public sphere

What Leadership for Muslims

"We need a mature and courageous Muslim leadership, capable of proposing another way of living the faith"

06/04/2017 | Religions and the public sphere

Religious Authorities in Islam

Who speaks for Muslims

03/04/2017 | Michele Brignone | The Peoples of Islam

On the Empire’s Periphery: the ‘Good’ in Albania

In the Balkans, it ispossible to have "a genuine exchange with those who are responsible for the Muslim community"

24/03/2017 | Maria Laura Conte | Religions and the public sphere
Husein ef. Kavazović, the Reis-ul-ulema of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Islam in Bosnia and its Institutional Face

Islam in Europe. Interview with the chief of the Muslim community of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Summer 2014

24/03/2017 | Martino Diez | The Peoples of Islam

The Language of Extremism

The fundamentalist discourse divides the world into two factions: that of evil and that of “true” believers

21/03/2017 | Hassan Mohamed Wageih Hassan | Religions and the public sphere

The Role of al-Azhar in the Battle against Fanaticism

Extremists read superficially and selectively the Islamic sources. Some possible solutions

21/03/2017 | Muhyi al-Din 'Afifi Ahmad | Religions and the public sphere
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