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One of the villages blown up by Boko Haram

And After #jesuisCharlie how do We Deal with the Muslims?

What is left after the viral and global outrage that led millions of people to the streets to express their identification with the victims of the massacre in Paris? The urgency to take the necessary steps to understand Islam and the radical challenge it poses to the West.

21/01/2015 | Marialaura Conte | Religions and the public sphere

The Decisive Crossroads

The recent massacres committed by jihadists in Paris and in Nigeria confirm that contemporary Islam is facing a problem with violence. This historic challenge is already producing a polarization within the Muslim world. In this process also comparison with Christianity has its weight.

21/01/2015 | Martino Diez | Religions and the public sphere
Foto: Brigitte Djadjasasmita

‘Nothing Justifies Violence, but…’

The Arab mass media reflect the various souls of the Arab world and the stances adopted in relation to the massacre of Charlie Hebdo. Apart from the mass media of the jihadists, all of them disassociate themselves from the option of violence and identify various causes for it, arguing that the time has come to act upon them.

20/01/2015 | Chiara Pellegrino | Religions and the public sphere
A view of Cairo

The Revolution of Islam According to President al-Sisi

In an official speech given on 1 January of this year General al-Sisi expressed the wish for a ‘religious revolution’ within Islam, recognising that contemporary Islamic thought has a problem with violence that can no longer be put off. But in order to understand all of their meaning, one has to interpret his words in the religious-political context of Muslim countries.

20/01/2015 | Michele Brignone | Religions and the public sphere
Jean Duchesne

The price all the Charlies will have to pay

January 7-9, 2015 will remain in French memories like September 11, 2001 in America. But the events might prove to be more profoundly upsetting for the national identity, because of the symbols that madmen chose as their prime target: some cartoonists who prided themselves in respecting nothing. The weekly Charlie Hebd...

19/01/2015 | Jean Duchesne | Religions and the public sphere
Iraqi refugees

Letter from Pope Francis to Middle Eastern Christians

On the occasion of Christmas 2014, Pope Francis expresses his and the whole Church's closeness to Iraqi and Middle Eastern Christians and other minorities who suffer from violence

08/01/2015 | Pope Francis | Magisterium

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