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Why Putin Looks to the Caucasus When he Bombs in Syria

Russia fears the return of Russian fighters who left for jihad in the Middle East

24/11/2015 | Francesca Miglio | Jihadism and violence

The Nuclear Agreement Brings Iran to the Syrian Negotiating Table

The arrival of Tehran at talks in Vienna opens up new scenarios in the Middle East

24/11/2015 | Claudio Fontana | Arab Revolutions

"Beirut Covered in Trash Speaks of an Arab World in Crisis"

The roots of the conflict that has struck Lebanon go deep into the history of its peoples, their memories and the policies of their leaders, commentaries on sacred texts and education

24/11/2015 | Salim Daccache | Jihadism and violence

The Islamic State Against the “Third Way”

Terrorists hit France because the country is fighting so that Syria is not condemned to the alternative between the “Caliphate” and Assad

24/11/2015 | Jean-Pierre Filiu | Jihadism and violence

The Lesson of Paris

Condemning violence also means opposing the ideology which has fuelled terrorism for decades with the complicity of Muslim and non-Muslim governments

24/11/2015 | Martino Diez | Jihadism and violence

If Egypt No Longer Controls Sinai

An overview of the origins of jihadism in the peninsula: from the quietist Salafism of the 90s up to the creation of "Wilayat Sina'", the group that claimed responsibility for the downing of the Russian plane

24/11/2015 | Tewfik Aclimandos | Jihadism and violence

Turkey Returns to Erdoğan’s Single-party Rule

The future of the Turkish Model is at Stake as the Country Walks the Fine Line Between Stability and Democracy

05/11/2015 | Francesca Miglio | Religions and the public sphere

Sunnis and Shiites: Their Differences and the Origin of an Ancient Divide

To diffuse the conflict in the Islamic world, the religious and secular spheres should be differenciated

05/11/2015 | The Peoples of Islam

The Middle East on the Cusp of a Historic Change

Conflicts are no longer political but religious and are creating deep divisions between communities, said Fr. Pizzaballa, Custodian of the Holy Land. Even if the war were to end, it would be difficult to restore relations

05/11/2015 | Michele Brignone | Arab Revolutions

No, the Rise of the Islamic State Was Not Unexpected

Everything in Iraq has been pointing to a change of direction for several years. The origins of the “Caliphate” are rooted in the collapse of the institutions and in the Sunni frustration with the State

05/11/2015 | Chiara Pellegrino | Jihadism and violence

Aleppo: Life in a War Zone

Aleppo is perhaps the largest example of destruction in the war that has devastated Bashar al-Asad’s Syria. Families, mostly very poor, are unable to flee their homes because they have nowhere else to take refuge. They are lying low in their houses, just a few hundred metres from armed militias

05/11/2015 | Andrea Avveduto | Christians in the Muslim world

Last Chance For Erdoğan’s Authoritarianism

Turkey to vote on November 1st. For the first time the president feels the competition, but opposition parties are still divided. Fears over possible violence

29/10/2015 | Francesca Miglio | Religions and the public sphere

It’s a Tough Job Being a Reporter in Turkey

An Opposition Journalist on the Attacks on Press Freedom: "Turkish Democracy has Never Produced a Democratic Culture"

29/10/2015 | Francesca Miglio | Religions and the public sphere

Against the culture of confessionalism. A message from Cardinal Sako

"An international coalition formed by Arab and Muslim countries under a UN mandate to conduct a serious military operation aimed at liberating the regions occupied by terrorist groups"

22/10/2015 | Louis Sako | Christians in the Muslim world

A Nobel Prize for "Lifetime Achievement" to Tunisian Civil Society

Who are the lawyers, trade unionists, and secular activists who have been challenging the power in Tunisia for decades

22/10/2015 | Michele Brignone | Arab Revolutions

Who's who in Syria?

Russia and the United States, Iran and Saudi Arabia: what are the major pro and anti-Assad armed groups and which global powers are supporting them?

22/10/2015 | Editorial staff | Arab Revolutions

Syria, the Stage for Russia's Renewed Protagonism

Moscow's intervention is the last in a series of actions aimed at ensuring Putin a new role in the international arena. Ambitions of power, historical alliances and geopolitical priorities, the internal situation and maintaining the oligarchical status quo are the reasons behind his latest steps

22/10/2015 | Claudio Fontana | Arab Revolutions

Why the Number of Syrian Refugees Heading to Europe is Set to Increase

Violence in the Middle East forces thousands of people to flee. Most of the displaced are hosted by developing countries: only 10 per cent of them is crossing the Mediterranean

22/10/2015 | Francesca Miglio | Mestizaje of civilisations

The Mission of Christian Schools in the Holy Land

Religious institutions have gone on strike against proposed budget cuts by the Israeli government

22/10/2015 | Bishara Ebeid | Religions and the public sphere

A call for the Iraqi refugees

The Hammurabi Human Rights Organization calls for immediate support for the forcibly displaced families and, to prevent further mass migration, for the liberation of the IS' controlled areas in Iraq.

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