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Christians in the Middle East: a Guide

Maronites, Copts, Melkites, Chaldeans ... It is not easy to navigate among the various Christian communities in the Middle East. An overview

04/05/2017 | Martino Diez | Eastern Christians

“Muslims Need to Reflect on Themselves”

The reactive speech that contributes to the spread of the ideological discourse popular on the market of extremism should end

13/04/2017 | Antoine Messarra | Religions and the public sphere

Freedom and Citizenship according to al-Azhar

"Even if the Islamic debate on terrorism remains on an apologetic level, important steps have been made in the battle against extremism"

13/04/2017 | Rafic Greiche | Religions and the public sphere

The Role of Religious Leaders in Fighting Extremism

Religion is the solution and not a part of the problem. Ignorance regarding religious teachings is the main factor behind fundamentalism

13/04/2017 | Pope Tawadros II | Religions and the public sphere

There Are No Minorities, only Citizens

The al-Azhar declaration calls for a renewed alliance between all Arab citizens: Muslims, Christians and those of other religions

13/04/2017 | Al-Azhar Great Mosque | Religions and the public sphere

“The Islamic Sacred Scriptures are Not Rental Weapons”

The rise of extremism coincides with the reduction of a correct understanding of religion

13/04/2017 | Ahmad al-Tayyib, Grand Imam of al-Azhar | Religions and the public sphere

What Leadership for Muslims

"We need a mature and courageous Muslim leadership, capable of proposing another way of living the faith"

06/04/2017 | Religions and the public sphere

Religious Authorities in Islam

Who speaks for Muslims

03/04/2017 | Michele Brignone | The Peoples of Islam

On the Empire’s Periphery: the ‘Good’ in Albania

In the Balkans, it ispossible to have "a genuine exchange with those who are responsible for the Muslim community"

24/03/2017 | Maria Laura Conte | Religions and the public sphere
Husein ef. Kavazović, the Reis-ul-ulema of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Islam in Bosnia and its Institutional Face

Islam in Europe. Interview with the chief of the Muslim community of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Summer 2014

24/03/2017 | Martino Diez | The Peoples of Islam

The Language of Extremism

The fundamentalist discourse divides the world into two factions: that of evil and that of “true” believers

21/03/2017 | Hassan Mohamed Wageih Hassan | Religions and the public sphere

The Role of al-Azhar in the Battle against Fanaticism

Extremists read superficially and selectively the Islamic sources. Some possible solutions

21/03/2017 | Muhyi al-Din 'Afifi Ahmad | Religions and the public sphere
Turkish Mps vote for the new Contitution

Turkey Towards Erdoğan’s Authoritarian Presidentialism

The constitutional referendum in Turkey will be held on April 16, 2017. The proposed constitutional reform, promoted by the Erdoğan’s AKP, introduces presidentialism

21/03/2017 | Francesca Miglio | The Peoples of Islam

Al-Azhar and the Vatican in Confronting the Phenomena of Fanaticism, Extremism and Violence

The program of the seminar of the Joint Committee for dialogue between the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Al-Azhar Center for Dialogue

21/03/2017 | Religions and the public sphere
Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud

Extremists, Modern Heretics

In Islam a sinner continues to be a Muslim and cannot be excommunicated. Faith does not fail even if works fail

21/03/2017 | Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud | Jihadism and violence

Religious Violence, Founding Myth of the West?

With the increase of Islamic extremism, the tendency to identify the religion with violence and the search for secular and anti-religious solutions present themselves once again

20/03/2017 | Fadi Daou | Jihadism and violence

Hospitality, a Pillar of Arab and Islamic Ethics

[This article is published in Oasis no. 24. To read all the contents buy a copy or subscribe] A legendary poet-knight slightly preceding Islam, Hātim al-Tā’ī is a proverbial model of generous hospitality not only in Arab literature but also throughout the Islamic world. Of the very many texts in which his name occur...

15/03/2017 | Martino Diez | Christian Classics

The Generous Deeds of the Tribal Chief

From the legendary figure of Hātim (a poet-knight of pre-Islamic Arabia mentioned even by Boccaccio and Goethe) to the sayings of the Prophet, hospitality has been made a keystone of the Islamic ethical system. And yet Islam was also, with great practicality, to define its limits: three days, the first with a special banquet and the other two with normal treatment. “Anything after that is charity.”

15/03/2017 | Texts by Ibn Qutayba | Christian Classics

Taking the Other’s Existence Seriously

[This article is published in Oasis no. 24. To read all the contents buy a copy or subscribe] Inconvenient for the liberals (although they owe much to him) and inconvenient for the establishment, the French Jesuit Jean Daniélou was doubtless one of the great twentieth-century theologians and one of the fathers of Va...

15/03/2017 | Claudio Monge op | Christian Classics

A Great Human Reality

Normally, if people come across a fugitive, a wanderer or a stranger, they kill him. The radical change occurs the day when such a person is received as a guest and as someone sent by God. This radical change can be observed, in particular, in the two great civilizations from which our own originates: the Greek civilization and the Semitic one

15/03/2017 | Texts by Jean Daniélou | Christian Classics
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