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Syria, Libya, Iraq: Armed Groups and Power

The collapse or the weakening of Middle Eastern regimes led to the emergence of different ideological, ethnic and sectarian forces increasingly represented by paramilitary movements

28/04/2016 | Giovanni Parigi | Jihadism and violence

The origins of Jihadism in Europe

Nihilist revolt, Third-Worldist reaction or Islamic response to social marginalization. The French debate the nature of extremist militancy

28/04/2016 | Michele Brignone | Jihadism and violence
Iraqi Kurdistan's leader, Barzani

Which Kurdistan are the Kurds Fighting for?

Political parties, movements, armed militias: why the pan-Kurdish political project falters and each group pursues its own interests

28/04/2016 | Francesca Miglio | The Peoples of Islam

Brief Arab Press Review on Giulio Regeni's Case

The Egyptian Press on the Italian Student's Murder

06/04/2016 | Editorial staff

When Europe Demands that Religions Become “Liberal”

The debate surrounding Islam in the European Union refers to the broader question of the role of religions in a secular society

04/04/2016 | Olivier Roy | Religions and the public sphere

This is Not a Fight Between Muslim and Non-Muslim Societies

What we are witnessing is a clash between a conservative system and a progressive model

04/04/2016 | Abdelmajid Charfi | Mestizaje of civilisations

The Mediterranean, a Global Space

From an area of conflict and exchange, Mare Nostrum has become a counter-East that creates an area of mixture and proximity

04/04/2016 | Henry Laurens | Mestizaje of civilisations

What’s Next for Turkey in 2016

In a complex and ambiguous situation, the moves made by the Erdoğan government in foreign and internal affairs are tied to the fate of millions of refugees and the balance of Europe

21/03/2016 | Francesca Miglio | Religions and the public sphere

The fate of Schengen and the Endurance of the European Pact

The migration crisis put the EU to the test. In order to hold out, the Union must not be perceived as a service provider, but as a dimension of existence of its citizens and residents

21/03/2016 | Andrea Pin | Mestizaje of civilisations

Isis and the Threat to the Christian Architectural Heritage

In Syria, the Islamic State causes the exodus of minorities who are under attack, and threatens the existence of ancient sacred places of worship

21/03/2016 | Christian Lochon | Eastern Christians

The Success of “Reformists” in Iran Does not Represent the Defeat of Ultraconservatives

A clash between the élites in Iran could lead to new public demonstrations

21/03/2016 | Claudio Fontana | The Peoples of Islam

Algeria, New Constitution and Old Status Quo

The reform of the Constitution comes in a difficult time for the country’s economy and a crucial time for the succession to President Bouteflika

09/03/2016 | Caterina Roggero | Religions and the public sphere

Reforming Teachingto Combat Fundamentalism

Morocco considers changing religious text books: the place of Islam in politics and society is at stake

09/03/2016 | Michele Brignone | Religions and the public sphere

Libya, the Risk of a Military Intervention in a Power Vacuum

Libya still lacks a unified government and unrest is growing amongst the population trapped between the jihadist threat and internal power struggles, all while the international community discusses procedures of an armed intervention

09/03/2016 | Martino Diez | Jihadism and violence

Islam and Non-Muslims, the Marrakesh Challenge

The declaration signed in Morocco invites a renewal of the interpretation of sacred texts in order to combat the distortions of extremism

09/03/2016 | Marc Boucrot | Religions and the public sphere

If Schengen Collapses, the European Project Does Too

A united Europe is the only solution for dealing with the challenges of the future, but Brussels must stop thinking about the emergency. Interview with Emma Bonino

08/02/2016 | Claudio Fontana | Mestizaje of civilisations
From Isis' journal ''Dabiq''

“From Zero to Hero,” Women and Men Attracted by the Islamic State

Girls interested in a career in social work, young men who desire combat: phenomenology of ISIS’s recruits

05/02/2016 | Viviana Premazzi | Jihadism and violence
Haider al-Abadi

Iraq and the Shiite Internal Opposition

Not just ISIS: the three open fronts of the Abadi government

05/02/2016 | Giovanni Parigi | The Peoples of Islam

Living Under the Bombs in Raqqa

Raids by the regime, Russian attacks and the war against the Islamic State: a Syrian journalist recounts the terror of civilians trapped in the crossfire

01/02/2016 | Amer Matar, Syrian writer and journalist of Raqqa, living in Berlin | Jihadism and violence

The Difficult Attempt to Block Radicalisation in Prisons

From Camp Bucca to Paris, prison cells have often served as "incubators" of jihad – European governments are activating programmes to prevent petty criminals from turning into terrorists in prison

01/02/2016 | Rolla Scolari | Jihadism and violence
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