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Religious Leaders Unite In Joint Appeal On Acts of Violence In The Name of Religion

Amman (July 24, 2014): In recent days, we have read with horror about Christians being asked to leave the town of Mosul within twenty-four hours. We have also heard about the desecration of Christian holy spaces and their symbols – the bombing of churches and a cross being removed from St. Ephrem’s Cathedral, the seat ...

25/07/2014 | Religions and the public sphere

Towards a Genuine Fraternity between Christians and Muslims

Message from the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue

23/07/2014 | Mestizaje of civilisations

Oasis in Sarajevo: Photogallery

Cardinal Angelo Scola

The definitive dismissal of the logic of violence

An excerpt from the opening speech

08/07/2014 | Angelo Scola | Religions and the public sphere
The title of the Meeting: The Temptation of Violence: Religions between War and Reconciliation

On the Roads that Led Oasis to the Balkans

The two days of work of the international committee of Oasis in Sarajevo on 16-17 June on the subject of The Temptation of Violence: Religions between War and Reconciliation dismantled piece by piece the widespread commonplace that in the monotheistic religions are to be found the seeds of violence, which is causing so much bloodshed even today. They explored the complexity of the nexus between religions and violence without pulling any punches, uncovering a complexity that deserves to be analysed with the contribution of everyone. This is something demanded by history and current affairs.

08/07/2014 | Marialaura Conte | Religions and the public sphere
Mgr. Matthew Kukah

Boko Haram: a Question that is not only Nigerian and not Completely ‘Islamic’

In this interview granted to Oasis, the Bishop of Sokoto, Mgr. Matthew Kukah, explains the genesis and the development of Boko Haram, a terrorist movement that is sowing division in Nigeria, a country that is poor and rich at one and the same time, with attacks and kidnappings which hit innocent victims such as girl students and children.

08/07/2014 | Claudio Fontana | Religions and the public sphere
Husein ef. Kavazović, the Reis-ul-ulema of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Islam in Bosnia and its Institutional Face

Interview with Husein Kavazović. He was born in 1964 in Gradačac and has been the leader of the Islamic community of Bosnia-Herzegovina since 2012. After studying Islamic law at the Al-Azhar University of Cairo, he lived in Tuzla where as the Mufti he led the local community. He is characterised more by attending to the inner life of the Islamic community rather than by being in the political limelight. He is the successor to Mustafa Cerić who is today a candidate in the presidential elections of October in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

08/07/2014 | Martino Diez | The Peoples of Islam

Egyptians: the Demand for Security Wins at the Polls

Al-Sisi won the presidential elections in Egypt by a landslide with 97% of the votes. 47% of those with the right to vote went to the polls, whereas the turnout in 2012 when Morsi won was 52%. How and why did the General win? What will he do now with the Brothers? The expert Tewfik Aclimandos answers these questions.

01/07/2014 | Chiara Pellegrino | Arab Revolutions

Islamic Thought and Fear of the Future

The new Egyptian Constitution and the newly-elected president, the role of the Salafis, the division between the ulema and the intellectuals: in a conversation without filters, in an exclusive interview for Oasis, Salah Fadl, a great expert on Arab literature and an intellectual in dialogue with the shaykh of al-Azhar, comments on recent developments in his country.

01/07/2014 | Martino Diez | Arab Revolutions

The Father and Master that Egyptians are Looking for

In a pungent article that came out before the elections this acute Egyptian writer outlined an identikit of the kind of Egyptian voter who entrusts himself to al-Sisi and described the reasons why millions wanted the General as President and, with him, a return to the Mubarak era.

01/07/2014 | Alà’ al-Aswânî | Arab Revolutions

Nigerians Under the Menace of Boko Haram

Which conditions have created Boko Haram in Nigeria? Poverty by itself is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for violence. What are the others?

17/06/2014 | H.G. Msgr Matthew Kukah | Christians in the Muslim world

Is a Muslim Gandhi Possible?

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad are two contemporary examples of social and civic commitment of non-violent Islam.

17/06/2014 | Ramin Jahanbegloo | Religions and the public sphere

Revisiting the Classical Islamic Tradition of War and Peace: Implications for Today

The three profound implications for the contemporary word in an analysis of the historical trajectory of jihad.

16/06/2014 | Asma Afsaruddin | Religions and the public sphere

The Eleventh Meeting of the Scientific Board: List of the Participants

Sarajevo, 16-17 June 2014 The Temptation of Violence: Religions between War and Reconciliation


Oasis Towards Sarajevo

After Milan, Tunis, Venice, Beirut, Amman and Cairo, this year the international network of Oasis will meet in Sarajevo on Monday and Tuesday 16-17 June 2004 on the subject ‘The Temptation of Violence. Religions between War and Reconciliation’.

10/06/2014 | Religions and the public sphere

The Christians of the East: the Invisible that Keeps them Alive

In Amman, during the day of the visit of Pope Francis, the community of Christians in Jordan met at the stadium. This was an event that attested to a strong sense of belonging to the universal Church and the need for those who live in the Holy Land to feel ‘preferred’ and confirmed in their faith.

10/06/2014 | Marialaura Conte | Christians in the Muslim world

The Charisma of Francis

Before and during the visit of the Pope to the Middle East the mass media of the world asked themselves whether this journey would have a political impact on Israeli-Palestinian affairs. Francis, in asking Peres and Abu Mazen to his home, once again eliminated commonplaces and opened up a new horizon.

10/06/2014 | Martino Diez | Christians in the Muslim world

A Joint Appeal for More Solidarity in the World

The fundamental role of the family and the school, the importance of an integral education, religious freedom: these are some of the major points contained in the common document issued on 14 may by Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and El Hassan Bin Talal, founder of the Royal Institute for Inter-faith Studies.

23/05/2014 | Religions and the public sphere

Francis e Bartholomew I, together in Jerusalem ut unum sint

An official speech by the Patriarch of Costantinople Bartholomew I on his is meeting with Pope Francis and the history of the relation between “Sister Churches”.

23/05/2014 | Bartholomew I | Eastern Christians

‘Pope Francis will get on well with those of the East’

The Pope in Jordan will find a living community of Christians who can freely practise their faith. And certainly he will not be able to forget about neighbouring Syria where Christians have paid, side by side with their Muslim fellow citizens, a very high price of blood in a war which now seems to be at a turning point. An interview with Msgr. Maroun Lahham, the Vicar of the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Latins for Jordan.

23/05/2014 | Marialaura Conte | Christians in the Muslim world
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