Lord, teach us how to pray

H.H. Benedict XVI, “Rabbî, ‘allimnâ an nusallî”. As-Salât fi ta‘lîm al-Bâbâ Benedictus XVI [Lord, teach us how to pray. Prayer in the catechesis of Benedict XVI], Marcianum Press-Libraire Pauliste, Venezia-Jounieh 2012.

Luce dell'Invisibile

Elisabetta Concina, Anna Flores David, Mattia Guidetti, Luce dell'invisibile. Intinerari del mosaico intorno al Mediterraneo orientale [Light of the Invisible. Mosaic: an itinerary all around the Oriental Mediterranean], Marcianum Press, Venezia 2011.

Bûlus ar-Rasûl (The Apostle Paul)

H.H. Benedict XVI, Bûlus ar-Rasûl [The Apostle Paul], Librairie Pauliste-Marcianum Press, Jounieh-Venise 2010.

L'ultimo dialogo. La mia vita incontro all'Islam, Marcianum Press, Venice 2010

Georges Anawati, L'ultimo Dialogo. La mia vita incontro all'Islam [The Ultimate Dialogue. My life: An Encounter with Islam], Marcianum Press, Venice 2010. Georges Anawati, a Dominican priest and a leading figure in Islamic Theology (Kalam), Arab Philosophy and History of the Arab Sciences (especially pharmacology), ...

Meticciato: convivenza o confusione?

Paolo Gomarasca, Meticciato: convivenza o confusione? [Mestizaje: coexistence or confusion?], Marcianum Press, Venezia 2009. The merging and encounter between different cultures and religions is one of the most evident facts of our times. How is this phenomenon to be interpreted? Can we talk about a hybridization of...

Dove guarda l'Indonesia? Cristiani e Musulmani nel paese del sorriso

Maria Laura Conte, Dove guarda l’Indonesia? Cristiani e musulmani nel paese del sorriso [Where is Indonesia looking? Christians and Muslims in the country of the smile], Marcianum Press, Venezia 2006. Born of a journey, this book intends to narrate the reality of Indonesia, the world’s most densely populated Islamic...

Cristiani e Musulmani fratelli davanti a Dio?

Christian Van Nispen, Cristiani e Musulmani:  fratelli davanti a Dio?, [Christians and Muslims, Brothers Before God?], Marcianum Press, Venezia 2006.

La promessa

Jean-Marie Lustiger, La Promessa, [The Promise], Marcianum Press, Venezia 2006.

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