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Book Reviews - 2017

Migrations, the Speculators of Moral Panicking

Zygmunt Bauman, Strangers at Our Door, Polity, Cambridge, 2016

15/03/2017 | Alessandro Zaccuri

Europeans: Irrelevant if Divided, Necessary if United

Author: Giles Merritt
Editor: Oxford University Press, 2016

Slippery Slope. Europe’s Troubled Future

15/03/2017 | Andrea Pin

The Evolution of Jihad in Europe, from the 1990s to Today

Petter Nesser, Islamist Terrorism in Europe. A History, Hurst Publishers, London, 2015

15/03/2017 | Chiara Pellegrino

Inside the Super-Muslim’s Psyche

Author: Fethi Benslama

Un furieux désir de sacrifice. Le surmusulman

15/03/2017 | Martino Diez

Reform? Islam is “Already Modern”

Shadi Hamid, Islamic Exceptionalism. How the Struggle over Islam is Reshaping the World, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 2016


If the World envies Europe’s Welcoming Attitude

It is truly wonderful that Italy is in the running for an Oscar thanks to a film like Fuocoammare. For several reasons. The first and most important one is summed up in one line of the documentary’s protagonist, Pietro Bartolo, a doctor: “It is a duty for every man who is truly a man to help these people.” Period. Ther...

15/03/2017 | Emma Neri

The Challenge of Mestizaje in the Muslim Migration

Author: Edited by Camillo Regalia, Cristina Giuliani, Stefania Giada Meda

A research on the area of Milan

27/01/2017 | Viviana Premazzi

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