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Between Immigration and Islam. Europe Rethinks Itself

Year 12 No. 24 December 2016

The Qur’an and its Custodians

Year 12 No. 23 July 2016

The Cross and the Black Flag

Year 11 N.22 December 2015

Islam at the Crossroads. Tradition, Reform and Jihad

Year 11 N.21 June 2015

Sacred Violence? Religions between war and reconciliation

Year 10 N.20 December 2014

Regenerating Institutions Beyond Protest and Against Violence

Year 10 N.19 June 2014

Religions on a Tightrope, between Secularism and Ideology

Year 9 N.18 December 2013

The Economy Called into Question. East and West in Crisis-induced Labour

Year 9 N.17 June 2013

Transition Through Whom ? Religions and Parties Tested by Democracy

Year 8 N.16 December 2012

What States are Based On. Law, Constitutions, Sharia

Year 8 N.15 June 2012

Arab Societies, Plural Societies? The Middle East of Revolutions

Year 7 N.14 December 2011

The Restless Middle East. Between political Revolts and confessional Tensions

Year 7 N.13 July 2011

Freedom and Truth walk Together

Year 6 N.12 December 2010

Education: A Global Question

Year 6 N.11 June 2010

Faiths Tested by Modernity

Year 5 N.10 December 2009

Interpreting Tradition

Year 5 N.9 July 2009

Religious Freedom, a Right without Frontiers

Year 4 N.8 December 2008

Why we need witness. The structure of Christian revelation and the method of religious dialogue

Year 4 N.7 May 2008

One plus one makes three. When Worlds Touch Each Other: Hypothesis on Contemporary Hybridisation

Year 3 N.6 October 2007

Fellow Citizens in the same world? Foundamental rights, democracies and religions

Year 3 N.5 March 2007

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