Alessandro Ferrari

Alessandro Ferrari
Since 2005 Alessandro Ferrari is Associate Professor of Ecclesiastical Law and Canon Law at the Department of Law of the University of Insubria. He was part of the Permanent Conference "Religions, Culture and Integration" of the ministry of Integration and International Cooperation and of the board for Interreligious Dialogue organized by the municipality of Milan. In 2010-2011 he was a member of the committee for Italian Islam at the ministry for Domestic Affairs and today is a part of the Council for Relations with Italian Islam. Amongst his last publications: "Religious Freedom in Italy. An Unfinished Path" (Carocci, 2013). In 2014-2015 he coordinated the research group "Religious Freedom and Freedom of Expression" within the Oasis project "Understanding Hybridization, Governing Change" for which he contributed with the ebook "Libertà religiosa e cittadinanza. Percorsi nella società plurale" (Marsilio, 2017). He is part of the 2017 Oasis project "In Search of a Leader. Authority in Contemporary Islam".
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