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Oasis studies the interaction and fosters mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims within the global context, characterized by a growing hybridization of civilizations and cultures, with a special focus on Christian communities in the Middle East, on Muslim-majority societies in which they live and on Islam in its internal plurality.


Born in Venice in 2004 by the initiative of Cardinal Angelo Scola, Oasis International Foundation today has its headquarters in Milan. It carries out and promotes research projects, publishes a biannual journal in four editions (English, French, Italian, Arabic), manages a trilingual website (English, French and Italian), is present on social media, organizes conferences, events and trainings.


Its transdisciplinary approach, whose expression can be found in the diverse Scientific Board, is inspired by three methodological principles:


  1.  Talking with Muslims more than on Muslims;
  2. Letting questions that are common to different societies arise;
  3. Accessing debates within the terms in which they are formulated, through the assumption of plurilingualism as an indispensable dimension of the dialogue between different cultures and religions.


Oasis conceives its work as a cultural expression of Christian faith and witness, serving the good life in a plural society.


Oasis would like to be the cultural expression of a network of relations arising within the communio catholica, which knows how to assume the work and responsibilities expected of Christian faithful today… Its catholic identity recognises ecumenism, the theology of religions, inter-religious dialogue and the opening up to all cultures as inalienable and intrinsic dimensions of its own nature.

Angelo Scola, “Oasis is born; a subject, an instrument,” Oasis 1, January 2005


Both Muslims and Christians prize their places of prayer, as oases where they meet the All Merciful God on the journey to eternal life, and where they meet their brothers and sisters in the bond of religion.

S. John Paul II, Speech at Omayyad Great Mosque, Damascus, May 6 2001



Alessandro Banfi, Communication Director 

Martino Diez, Scientific Director

Michele Brignone, Editor in Chief of the Journal

Chiara Pellegrino

Claudio Fontana

Mauro Primavera

Caterina Tonini


Scientific Board

Tewfik Aclimandos - Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi - Carl Anderson - José Andrés Gallego - Francesco Botturi - Rémi Brague - Paolo Branca - Michele Brignone - Christian Cannuyer - Marialaura Conte - Salim Daccache - Martino Diez - Jean Duchesne - Jean-Paul Durand - Brian E. Ferme - Paolo Gomarasca - Henri Hude - Ramin Jahanbegloo - Samir Khalil Samir - Nikolaus Lobkowicz - Cesare Mirabelli - Tarek Mitri - Andrea Pacini - Jean-Jacques Pérennès - Andrea Pin - Javier Prades López - Hassan Rachik - Riccardo Redaelli - Gabriel Richi Alberti - Giovanna Rossi - Olivier Roy - Giovanni Salmeri - Giuseppe Scattolin - Ibrahim Shamseddine


Board of Promoters

H.Em. Card. Angelo Scola, Archbishop Emeritus of Milan - H.B. Card. Béchara Raï, Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites - H.B. Card. Antonios Naguib, Patriarch Emeritus of Alexandria of the Copts - H.B. Card. George Alencherry, Major Archbishop of Emakulam-Angamaly - H.Em. Card. Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons - H.Em. Card. Josip Bozanić, Archbishop of Zaghreb - H.Em. Card. Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Budapest - H.Em. Card. John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja - H.Em. Card. Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Wien - H.B. Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak, Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts - H.B. Mons. Fouad Twal, Patriarch of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem - S.E. Mons. Jean-Clément Jeanbart, Archbishop of Aleppo of the Melkites - H.E. Mons. Fco. Javier Martínez, Archbishop of Granada - H.E. Mons. Boghos Levon Zekiyan, Archbishop of Istanbul of Armenians - H.E. Mons. Maroun Lahham, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem - H.E. Mons. Joseph Powathil, Archbishop Emeritus of Changanacherry - H.E. Mons. Henri Teissier, Archbishop Emeritus of Algiers - H.E. Mons. Camillo Ballin, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia - H.E. Mons. Paul Hinder, Apostolic Vicarof Southern Arabia - Prof. Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus - Mons. Francesco Follo, Permanent Observevr of the Holy See at UNESCO


Board of Directors


Dr. Giovanni Raimondi


Mons. Gabriel Richi Alberti - Dott. Guido Carpani - Avv. Salvatore Messina - Dott. Mario Mauro - Dott. Fiorenzo Tagliabue - Mons. Gianni Zappa



Prof. Claudio Bianchi





Administrative and legal office:


Piazza San Giorgio, 2

20123 - Milano - Italy

Telephone: +39 02 26600431

email: oasis@fondazioneoasis.org