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What we do:
Oasis promotes mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims


How we do it:
We study and narrate Islam in its internal plurality, and Muslim majority societies in which Christian communities reside.
Throughout the years, Oasis has been able to maintain a high standard of research and to reach an ever-growing audience with its contents and reflections thanks to a website in three different languages – Italian, English, French – and a journal in four languages – Italian, English, French and Arabic.


Why we need your help:
Your support will allow us to strengthen our mission and promote the mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims in our global societies with more effective tools.


How you can help:
There are different ways in which you can support our work – with an annual or pluriannual subscription to our journal or with personal donations.


How we use the funds that we receive:
10% administrative expenses
70% research and content creation
20% communications, events and conferences

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