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Christians in the Muslim World

Anba Tawadros, a Pope for the Muslim Brotherhood/2

In general, all the Copts that I have spoken to are very happy to have a new Pope and glad to have avoided the worst, or that is a Pope who is too conflictual or too passive.



The fact remains that the new Pope is not very well known and he now finds himself having to face huge challenges. Most of the Egyptian Muslims are having to deal with a number of problems daily and were not able to follow the procedure. Among those who followed it, many feel curiosity veiled with approval for the way of designation. They all express their own desires and make their recommendations on what should be done.



The Islamists maintain that a limit should be placed on the political role of the Church, and that it should deal with spiritual issues and fight against the prejudices of the Copts towards the Islamists, which certainly have no solid foundation. Coming from them, this is really the limit.