Headlines from the Arab press

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:21:25

Egypt’s Obligations Under the Peace Treaty on Freedom of Navigation in the Gulf of Aqaba Moved to Saudi Arabia. Cairo Introduces to Tel Aviv the Letter of Mohammed Bin Salman to Sharif Ismail. Knesset Discusses the Agreement on the Egyptian Border with Saudi Arabia to Amend the 1979 Treaty Political editor for “Al-Ahram” reported that Egyptian communications with Israel were finally established, during which the Egyptian side briefed the Israeli side the special signing of Egypt and Saudi Arabia agreement on the sea boarders in Aqaba Gulf and the consequences that would affect the signed peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979. www.ahram.org Cairo University Gives King Salman An Honorary Doctorate Degree April 11, 2016 Today, University of Cairo rewarded King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi monarch, an honorary doctorate degree, on the proposal of the Board of the Faculty of Medicine of the university. http://www.shorouknews.com/ «King Salman Bridge » and the Projects « Wa‘d Al-Shamal» and «Ta‘din» Would Flourish the Development in Sinai April 11, 2016 Yesterday, Saudi-Egyptian Business Council reported that Egyptian labor force will benefit about 320 thousands new job opportunities over the next five years, after the two countries signed a series of economic agreements and declared a free economic zone in Sinai. www.aawsat.com The «State» Took Control over Six Villages under the Opposition’s Control April 10, 2016 35 member of the forces of regime and factions fighters have been killed within 24 hours of violent clashes between the two sides in the southern countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights report on Sunday. www.alquds.co.uk Read further Arab press review in Italian