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Arab Press Review, April 13

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Yemen War: Hints of an End!


April 13, 2016



At the beginning of last week, the New York Times newspaper published an introduction under a promising title: “Hints of an End to the Fighting in Yemen”. The hints that the newspaper referred to are the recent meetings between Saudi officials and members of the “Ansarullah” leadership. The latter reached an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and a ceasefire, and pave the way for the peace talks that will start later this week in Kuwait.




Between Religion and Extremism


April 13, 2016



The lives of millions of Muslims in the West is poisoned and the image of Islam itself is distorted. Accordingly to the French sociologist Olivier Roy what we are experiencing is not Islamic extremism but Islamization of extremism.




Religious Thought: Institutional Reforming or a New Institution


April 12, 2016



Nabil Abdel Fattah ascribes religious authoritarianism to political authoritarianism. The formation of the authoritarian religious Islamic or Christian mind had prevailed “because the ruling elite – from different origins and formed by different components and characters – exploit religion in the political processes and in the creation of a sharia system of government”.