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Arab Press Review, April 14

Headlines from the Arab Press

Iraq Today Resembles Afghanistan Yesterday!


April 14, 2016


By Huda al-Husseini



During his visit to Iraq last week, US Secretary of foreign affairs John Kerry promised to reinforce Iraqi forces in order to retrieve Mosul, and pointed out that Iraq needs more political stability to support military operations. Kerry addressed the problem related to the Shi‘ite militias that refuse to support the international coalition.


The militias succeeded in spreading anti-American propaganda, so Iraqis don’t trust any more United States. In Baghdad people think that US supports Daesh and created it to come back to Iraq.



Iraq’s Last Chance to Reform


April 14, 2016


By Saeed Shehabi



Could Iraq be described as a “failed state”? Or is it a country that can evolve although it has been passing through a plight for nearly forty years, a plight that began in 1980 with the war with Iran? Who is responsible for the continuing plight of Iraq? Saddam Hussein? Al-Maliki, al-‘Abadi, the Americans or their regional allies?


In the past month, the US President Barack Obama criticized the British Prime Minister, saying he is the one who encouraged the military intervention in Libya, and when Muammar Gaddafi’s regime fall, he did not care to come up with an alternative system able to cope with the subsequent difficulties. Doesn’t this criticism apply to the situation in Iraq and the dereliction of the Anglo-American occupation forces, which stayed almost ten years after the fall of Saddam?



Algeria: Would The Sufi Zawiyyas Fix What Daesh Extremism Has Corrupted?


April 13, 2016



To get out of any problem or crisis facing the country, the regime in Algeria has always resorted in the Sufi zawiyya [Islamic religious schools]. This happened during the colonial period, during the black decades (the nineties of the last century), and even now, to fight extremist ideology spread by the “Islamic State” organization. Sufis zawiyya in Algeria receives full support from the state authorities at all levels, and their shaykhs enjoy the green light to act. According to the Algerian government, 90 percent of graduates from the Quranic schools occupy the most important positions in the mosques of the country.



“Muslim Scholars” Calling for the Transformation of the Islamic Summit Slogan Into Reality



During the Islamic summit in Istanbul the International Union of Muslim Scholars called Turkey to transform its slogan “Unity and Solidarity” into a reality practiced by all Islamic countries and experienced by its people. […]


The International Union of Muslim Scholars urged the Islamic summit to include in its agenda the issue of “terrorism” and tyranny, searching for their real causes and finding an effective treatment in order to remove the negative effects on human being and the universe.



Al-Sisi: Social Network Websites Inflated the Case of Regeni’s Murder



Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi blamed social media and the press for spreading accusations that Egyptian security forces have tortured and killed the young Italian researcher Giulio Regeni.






Houthis Violated the Truce In Yemen