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“Kuwait Conference is a Historical Opportunity for Yemenis to Establish Peace”. April 18, 2016 Before the start of the peace talks in Kuwait… militias mislead its followers by talking about a transition period and a new constitution. Arab Parliament Asks Iran to halt its Interventions. And the Parliament Considers (Hezbollah) a Terrorist Organization. April 18, 2016 At the end of the work at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo yesterday, the Arab Parliament condemned Iran direct and indirect intervention by the Lebanese Hezbollah in the affairs of the Arab countries. Between Defining Terrorism and Fighting it April 18, 2016 […] The international competition has contributed to enhancing the phenomenon of cross-border terrorism, and the war in Syria and Iraq is just one example of the interconnection of international conflicts and the spread of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, the United Nations and the parts involved in the Syrian crisis are still asking questions on the concept of terrorism, and prove not to be able to provide a unified definition for it, knowing that the word [terrorism] has become one of the most common term in the world, due to its threat to peace and security. Undersecretary of Al-Azhar Calls for the Establishment of a National Council for Education April 17, 2016 Undersecretary of Al-Azhar Dr. Abbas Shuman called on Sunday for the need to establish a national council for education based on educational policy making, which should identify the target of educational outcomes and coordinate the institutions supervising education in Egypt.