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Arab Press Review, April 19

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Not all Europeans are Conspirators


April 18, 2016, by Imad Eddin Hussein


Shorouk News



When the French President François Hollande comes to Egypt along with the heads of the 60 largest French companies and says that his country has chosen to support Egypt at all levels, it means that he wants Egypt to be stable and strong.


When German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel comes to Cairo on the same day, on Sunday, with the heads and representatives of 100 German companies, it means that Germany wants Egypt to be strong and stable, too.


Less than two months ago, on the third of February, the Italian Minister of Development Federica Guidi came to Cairo along with the heads and senior officials of 46 Italian biggest companies of various sectors. The two countries agreed to strengthen their cooperation since Italy is the first European partner to Egypt and the third globally. The relationship between Cairo and Rome was absolutely perfect until the dead body of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni was found on the same day of Guidi’s visit, which forced her to leave Cairo on the same day. The bilateral relations have went into a difficult phase that ended with the Italian Ambassador in Cairo recalled in protest.



Therefore Egypt’s relations with the three largest European countries namely France, Germany and Italy are good and strong, especially with France. […]



Europe wants Egypt to be strong, but there is also certain European and Western currents who wish Egypt to reach the same conditions reached in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq.



Egypt must be strong and stable inside. For this to be possible some conditions are required. When all of this will be achieved, the West and the East, the North and the South will respect us.






Referendum is the Solution


April 18, 2016, by Mohamed Essmat


Shorouk News



Referendum is the only thing that can cure all procedural, political and strategic big mistakes that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his government made in the maritime border demarcation agreement with Saudi Arabia, which led to the sudden assignment of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia, angering the vast majority of Egyptians and pushing some of them to cheer for the downfall of al-Sisi during the demonstrations in Cairo, on Friday.



Egyptian mistakes were not limited to the bad outcome of the agreement or its secrecy up until now on what has happened during the secret talks with the Saudis. The biggest mistake is to insist on the exclusion of the Egyptian true owners of the land from the whole process, in a flagrant violation of basic democratic rights, despite the correlation of this agreement to political and strategic arrangements, aiming to make structural changes to the entire region, and to the nature of the major conflicts in favor of Israel. This raises important doubts on the Egyptian regime.




Down with external conspiracy ... Down with European conspiracy


Enough boy ... the French president is here


Long live the external conspiracy ... long live European conspiracy


Al-Masry al-Youm