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Arab Press Review, April 26

Headlines from Arab Newspapers

Security Measures in Mukalla Yemen After the Expulsion of al-Qaeda


April 26, 2016





The national army and the popular resistance imposed security measures in the city of Mukalla in Hadramout after the expulsion of al-Qaeda, in the operation launched by the Arab Coalition last Sunday.


The army has deployed security outposts in Mukalla’s entrances and streets to establish security and enhanced controls on government installations and vital facilities.


Evening curfew was announced in the city and the circulation of motorcycles at night was forbidden to prevent reprisals that might be carried out by the organization which usually uses motorcycles in its operations. […]



Human being is Human being


April 24, 2016


al-Masry al-youm



At the press conference of President Sisi with French President Hollande appears clearly that the Egyptian human rights are different from human rights in EU. This statement shows that according to the head of the state his people do not deserve the same rights of European people, which is very strange because the intention of the president is not Egyptian citizen to have the same rights as European in housing, education, medical treatment or the right to work. The president did not mean all that. Indeed, everyone knows that people are expected to enjoy these rights after the intense struggle lasted years, to build an economically advanced country. In fact, these rights were achieved so far only by countries with stable democracy, with the exceptions for some countries with the worst dictatorships. For a short period of time nature has given the latter natural resources that allowed them to provide their citizens some material rights that will naturally and gradually shrink. What the president meant is that Egyptian people has no rights like European people to express their opinion or demands for freedom or democracy. They have to accept with satisfaction to be imprisoned for expressing their opinion, they have to accept that the level of their humanity is lower than the Western citizen’s. This reflects not only the desire of the president to establish an authoritarian rule without hearing a sound, but it expresses also the values of the majority of the society.



Reform in Saudi Arabia


April 26, 2016



The Crown Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in his interview with «al-Arabia» Channel yesterday said that in 2030 Saudi Arabia will free itself from the petrol mania and this will be a historical event not only for the Saudi economy, but for the entire state. If we add to this that the third man in Saudi Arabia stunned his countrymen by more than that announcing that in 2020 the country can live without oil – a surprise which wasn’t foreseen at all by the Saudis – we are in front of real reform that will alter the shape of Saudi Arabia, diversify its economy and gradually reduce the reliance on oil income. At the end, the goal will be a new Saudi Arabia and according to what Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz said, the kingdom will be “a model for the world at all levels”.




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