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Is (The Vision) Propaganda or Reality? April 27, 2016 http://aawsat.com/ «Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030» project was described as the largest promotional marketing process in the history of the region and as a media bubble. It is natural that propaganda has a countering propaganda, it is natural that there is skepticism in all the development plans in the region, because it has failed to produce a new Singapore, a new Malaysia, with the exception of the UAE’s experience and to a lesser extent the Jordan’s one. However the Saudi project is ambitious and very huge, it challenges everyone and, not surprisingly, there are frustrated, skeptical, optimistic and excited people. Personally I think that these ideas are great, possible and indeed must occur because they are not an option at all. I am also worried, like many other people, of the giant, numerous and great difficulties in the way of the implementation. But in Saudi Arabia, and in many countries in the region, possibilities and acquired natural resources, if well managed will allow the building of successful countries, and Saudi Arabia is a model. All that Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir of the Crown prince in charge of economy and development management and project engineer, announced that this project is reasonable and logical, and can be implemented whenever a good administration, will and determination were found. […] Daesh “Detonated Assa‘a Church in Mosul .. and Sako Condemns that Action as “A Grave Sin” April 27, 2016 http://www.almadapaper.net/ Chaldean Church in Iraq and the world considered (Daesh) act of detonating the historical Assa‘a Church of in Mosul “a grave sin against God and man” to erase the Christian memory and void Iraq from them, while calling for sincere national reconciliation and the accomplishment of “something concrete” towards reform, the rule of law and civic institutions. The Church called upon the international community and religious authorities to assume their full responsibilities to protect the country and innocent citizens. The patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world, Louis Raphael Sako, said in an interview with Al-Mada Press “with shock, sadness and pain we have received the news of the bombing of entire Assa‘a historical Church that belongs to the Dominicans fathers by the Daesh organization, in the center of Mosul, after planting detonators and the evacuation of nearby houses around it”. He also said “it’s shocking that such a criminal act is happening in Iraq”. Sako, stressed that “the Chaldean Church strongly condemns the targeting Christian Church, and also condemns the targeting of mosques and other places of worship” considering that “such acts are a grave sin against God and man intended to destroy the Christian community and empty Iraq of its original component, in favor of a state composed by strangers and terrorists acting in the name of Islam” […..] Egyptian Prosecutor hold Regeni’s lawyer April 27, 2016 http://www.aljazeera.net/ Eastern Cairo public prosecutor’s office decided the jailing of Ahmad Abdullah, legal advisor to the family of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni for four days pending investigation, charging him with several charges. While Regeni’s family called for his release. al-Qaida in Yemen http://aawsat.com