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The “Peace” Between Israel and Saudi Arabia is “Not So Far” April 29, 2016 http://assafir.com/ A published report by the newspaper Maariv, yesterday, sought to follow the developments of Israeli relations with the Arab states, headed by Saudi Arabia, especially after many reports about meetings happening in different places between representatives of the two countries. Bloomberg reported in a report published in June 2015 that five secret meetings brought together representatives from both Israel and Saudi Arabia, and began to convening at the beginning of 2014 in India, Italy and the Czech Republic, to discuss the common challenges facing the two countries and the facts behind the hostility towards Iran, and the regional stability. The Agency spoke about a common seminar hosted by The Council of Foreign Relations in Washington, between former head of the intelligence service adviser, Anwar Eshki, and a senior adviser of the prime minister (then), Dore Gold, and his colleague in the Israeli Foreign Ministry Shimon Shapira. According to the Israeli newspaper, the «Saudis and the Israelis were excited». He quotes one Israeli participants saying in the meetings: «You would not meet with Saudis every day, suddenly you see that Saudis are very educated and familiar with the global situation, they are people who you can find something to talk about with. They were excited to see Israelis talking with the same spirit, and with similar vision. Suddenly you understand that a peace deal with Saudi Arabia is not something far away. This would happen with the right conditions. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but it is not beyond the dark mountains. When we came out of meetings, we said to ourselves that there is a Middle East with a lot of hope for a better future». Share Your Opinion: Who Is the Reason Behind the Growth of "Terrorism"? April 28, 2016 http://www.aljazeera.net The recent attacks in Brussels, the Belgian capital, represent a new episode in the series of explosions that rocked several cities, including Ankara, Istanbul and Paris. […] In your opinion: what is the reason behind the growth of what is described as terrorism? Is it the marginalization and discrimination? Or occupation and colonialism, which created a state of alienation and displacement? Or is it the failure policies to integrate immigrant in Europe’s communities? Below, Al Jazeera Net polled the views of some writers and political analysts : Mohammed bin al-Mukhtar Shinqiti, a Mauritanian analyst and writer The phenomenon of terrorism is a complex phenomenon that cannot be reduced to one reason. Most of these are underlying reasons, whether it is socially or religiously split, and the hidden factors don’t turn into actions, unless there is a political or a social injustice. As the proverb goes: “Sedition is dormant, so may God damn whoever dares awaken it”. Terrorism is a latent phenomenon in communities but injustice awakes it. Muslims who engage in terrorism today were yesterday young and peaceful people in high schools and universities, energized with the love for life, but the internal despotism and external enslavement pushed them into this mindless destructiveness spirit. […] ‘Omar ‘Ashour, a strategic and security studies specialist After 15 years since the 9/11 bombings, the United Nations have not reached yet a definition of terrorism. The only aspect on which security studies scholars and decision-makers agree is that the violent targeting of civilians to reach a political purpose is terrorism. The reasons rely on the region or the state we are talking about. In the Middle East and North Africa, the authoritarian environment and repression produce terrorism and political violence. In the absence of non-violent dispute resolution mechanism of political and social conflicts, the political violence remains - whether by the ruling regimes or non-ruling groups.[….] *** The Syrian Crisis The lock and the key represents respectively the Syrian crisis and its solution. But the key is locked and the lock cannot be opened so that there is no solution to the Syrian crisis. http://www.albayan.ae/