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Arab Press Review May 12

Headlines from Arab Newspapers

Booby-trapped Cars and Explosive Belts Hits Dozens of Iraqis


Daesh claimed the three attacks in Baghdad


Al-Sharq al-Awsat, May 12, 2016



Baghdad lived a bloody day yesterday; at least 94 people were killed in three attacks involving the use of booby-trapped cars and explosive belts that have targeted different areas of the Iraqi capital. The Islamic State terrorists claimed the attacks. These attacks, which also left 150 wounded, are the deadliest the Iraqi capital suffered since the beginning of this year.


The first car bomb exploded in a popular market in Sadr City, west of Baghdad, leaving 64 dead and dozens wounded. This was followed by a second blast in the Kadhimiya district (North Baghdad) leaving 17 people dead, and a third blast in the al-Rabee’ district, with 13 people dead.


Local sources said that the Kadhimiya blast was caused by two suicide bombers belonging to Daesh, who blew themselves up with explosive belts.


The special envoy of the United Nations to Iraq Ján Kubiš denounced the bombings, saying it was a “coward action”. […]


In the meantime, the European Union called the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday, to listen to the voice of people and meet their demands. The European Union’s ambassador to Iraq, Patrick Simonnet, said in a press conference in Baghdad that “politicians and parties leaders should listen to the people’s messages, meet their demands for reform and find solutions for people’s problems.”



Press Freedom and Freedom of Demolition!


Al-Masry Al-Youm, May 12, 2016



I believe in press freedom, and I reject any prejudice to it because the day censorship was imposed on the press, all Egypt was chained with shackles and restrictions, and misfortunes poured on the heads of all the people!


But press freedom does not means only journalists’ freedom. The intended freedom is the freedom of all the people in saying their opinion, journalists should be the first to comply and respect it!


People can’t allow anyone to sabotage the country and push its economy into the cliff. The meaning of freedom is not to attack on another, the government, the President, or to seek to spoil the fraternal relations between us and the Arab countries that stand with us in the tragedies and difficulties. The bankruptcy of Egypt, Allah forbid, will lead to the bankruptcy of every citizen in this country. The economic crisis sweeping through all the layers does not differentiate between the capable one from the destitute, and will inevitably reach the upper class! [...]



How British See Sadiq Khan




To the right: When a British sees Sadiq Khan he thinks of Justice, Change, Evolution, Reforms, Equality, Bright future.


To the left: When an Arab sees him, he asks himself if he is Sunni or Shi‘ite