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Arab Press Review, May 19

Headlines from Arab Newspapers

Egyptian Prime Minister: We do Not Rule Out the Existence of a Terrorist Attack in the Egyptian Plane Crash


Youm 7, May 19, 2016



Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said it is early to talk about the vanished plane, pointing out that he does not rule out the existence of a terrorist operation in the fall of the Egyptian plane. In a statement to the Egyptian TV, the Prime Minister called all state agencies to cooperate in order to identify the causes of the plane’s disappearance, explaining that the families of the victims would be informed of all developments regarding the incident.



The Pope: No fear of Islam but of ISIS


Al-Hayat, May 19, 2016



Pope Francis said that “there is no reason to fear Islam as a religion, but to fear ISIS invasive war waged for the distortion of Islam. In an interview with La Croix French Catholic magazine he said: “It is true that the concept of conquest is inherent in the essence of Islam, but this interpretation also applies to what came in the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus who sends his disciples to spread the Christian religion around the globe.”


The Pope said: “It is our duty, as regards Islamic terrorism at this stage to ask ourselves many questions about the ways in which we turned to for exporting the Western democracy to countries that were ruled by a strong power like Iraq, or a country built on well-established tribal structure, such as Libya .We can no longer continue to focus on the issues of the Islamic world and our relationship with it without taking into account this reality.”


He added that “coexistence between Muslims and Christian is possible, I’m from a country where Christians and Muslims coexist in familiarity and respect, and Lebanon is a good example that this coexistence is possible today in the Arab world.”



The world is sleeping on counting the numbers of dead people in Syria


Al-Sharq al-Awsat