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Arab Press Review, May 24

Headlines from Arab Newspapers

More than 200 Dead and Dozens Wounded in Bombings that Hit Jableh and Tartous on the Syrian Coast


Al-Ittihad, May 23, 2016



At least 148 people were killed and dozens were injured in an unprecedented simultaneous attacks claimed by Isis. The two coastal cities were the most important strongholds of the regime in Syria and have remained untouched for a long time from the ongoing conflict in the country.



Why Condemning Egypt and Absolving France?


Al-Masry Al-Youm, May 24, 2016



This contradiction and duplicity makes you upset. Human reaction toward death changes according to the dead and even the manifestations of global solidarity vary from one incident to another. I thought I exaggerated in my judgment until I found some people of conscience in the West who feel the same. One of those is Will George, who wrote in The Independent newspaper about Brussels attacks in March, saying that there is a clear racist narrative, we appreciate the lives of Europeans white people more than those of the brown-skinned who live outside Europe.


They deal with us as if terrorism that hits our country is normal, but it becomes extraordinary if its fire touched them, are we the cause of that? Or it is the idea of the other whom they do not treat the same as they treat themselves. This is not a racist talk nor a generalization, because we see other flowing manifestations of humanity, which we do not see in our country and we commend them for that, but we are talking about the general feeling that we all feel towards these events.


On the other side, one feels extremely surprised and distressed by those who live among us and live on conversations about the blatant conspiracy they interpret everything with before clear facts prevail, when the site of CNN mockingly publish the statement of an Egyptian strategic expert explaining that the Egyptian plane was downed and destroyed by an electromagnetic weapon pulse.



Bombing of Fallujah Neighborhoods and Iranian Militants are Around it


Al-Jazeera, May 24, 2016



Iraqi troops and supporting militia fought battles against Isis in Fallujah west of Baghdad, and bombed residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties , including women and children.


Residents reported that the clash that took place on Monday in Hiakil area on the southern outskirts of the city was the first direct confrontation between the two parties, amid talk about Iranian forces participation in the battles. Some military and tribal sources said that about 60 Iranian fighters, equipped with modern weapons, arrived on Monday to Fallujah.



Fallujah between ISIS and the Iraqi forces supported by Iran