Headlines from Arab Newspapers

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:20:45

Tehran Back Down and Head Toward Allowing 63 Thousand of its Citizens to Perform Pilgrimage Al-Sharq al-Awsat May 25, 2016 Iran changed its mind and decided to sign its citizens Hajj arrangements agreement for the current year, ending a controversy began when the officials in charge of Hajj Affairs refused to put their signature on the agreement with the Saudi side, under the pretext of their determination to meet their conditions and their desire to bring the matter to the high references in Iran. After this new Iranian position, Saudi Arabia agreed to the request of the head of the Iranian Pilgrimage Organization and his accompanying delegation to come to Saudi Arabia to complete the signature of the agreement, which is supposed to be between the officials of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the Iranian delegation in Jeddah today. […] How America Hunted and Killed Mullah Mansoor? Al-Jazeera May 23, 2016 [..] According to the Wall Street Journal, the ambush of the United States to Mullah Mansour Ahktar represents a crucial moment in the administration’s policy of US President Barack Obama in Afghanistan. The Taliban leader’s assassination contributes in advancing the peace process in the country and reduce the need for a possible military escalation. The Wall Street Journal added: the assassination of this leader by an American raid sends a message to Pakistan that it is possible for the United States to take military action on Pakistani territory if necessary and without prior notice.[…] Women in Saudi Arabia carrying their certificates and break through the walls towards a job Al-Riyadh