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The Death Journeys Al-Hayat May 26, 2016 Yesterday, Italian navy took some tragic images of a boat of immigrants tipping over in front of the Libyan coast. The immigrants, who were trying to resort to Europe in one of the so-called death journeys, fell into the sea. The navy said they saved about 500 people and picked up seven dead bodies. The photos show the boat, crammed with human beings, capsizing and throwing the immigrants into the sea. Additional pictures show a rescuing helicopter hovering over immigrants. The Italian navy said in a statement that the boat was unstable and a patrol vessel, which was in the nearby when the boat flipped over, spotted it. “Denial of Inheritance” is a Ghost Haunting Women .. 35% of Egyptian Women are Physical Assault Victims and 15% Victims of Financial Blackmailing and 50% "moral" Blackmailing Victims .. Ministry of Justice is Preparing a Bill to Punish the Violators .. and the "National Council for Women": We are Confronting the Phenomenon. Youm 7 May 26, 2016 […] Women's rights office at the republic level, filed 250 thousand suit in the period from 2013 until 2016 by which women demand their right in the inheritance after being denied of it. The largest percentage is distributed among the provinces of Fayoum,Kafr el –Sheikh,- Assiut, Qena, Sohag, Dakahlia, Asharqia, Minya andGiza by 60%, and the rest of the provinces by 40%. The confirmed statistics showed that 35% of women who have been denied their inheritance were abused physically, 15% were financially blackmailed andand 50% were deprived of their rights because of moral extortion, the fear of family disputes, the anger of parents and cutting the ties of kinship. The percentages showed that 50% of the denial of inheritance was by male siblings, and 25% because of the mothers intransigence, refusing daughters getting their rights and 25% by parents who demise their possessions to males before their death.[…] Sectarianism…the new Sykes-Picot The tank represents the Sectarianism The words in the crack (IRAQ, SYRIA, YEMEN) Arabi21