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Arab Press Review, May 27

Headlines from Arab Newspapers

Extremism that Reached Everything


Al-Masry Al-Youm, May 27



I cannot understand people becoming disgusted and irritated and feeling uncomfortable and angry of an extremist behavior, and then exercising the same behavior and the same extremism. When the criminal extremists in one of the villages of Abukerkas in Minya governorate stripped a Coptic old woman of all her clothes and dragged her naked around the village because of a rumors of a love story between a Muslim girl and a young Copt son who happened to be her son, it was as if they were stripping all Egypt of honor and morals, dignity and humanity. A soon as this story or scandal spread, peopled condemned all this extremism, barbarism and anarchy and denounced this ideology, behavior and backwardness


But the surprise is that many of those who were annoyed by such ideology and all this extremism returned after only a few hours to practice the same thing, immediately after the match between Al Ahly and El Mokawloon SC. Whether they belong to Ahly or Zamalek, they were all ready to expose, drag, insult, slander, or even assassinate anyone who did not agree with their opinion.


This is just a further proof that extremism in our country is no longer only religious, but extremism reached all parts of our country and our lives .[..]



Syrian Revolution is a Moral Detector that Exposed Everyone


Al-Hayat, May 27



[..] Syrian revolution has become a moral detector – according to the words of my teacher, Dr. Sadiq Jalal al-Azm – which showed clearly the denial of the claims and allegations, revealing the sins of everyone. The insolence appeared after the cheap makeup vanished, the truth behind the deceptive lies appeared and the whole world seemed paralyzed in front of a thoughtless system. The Syrian people are paying a grave ransom and no one can imagine how high is the price for their freedom. At the same time, they are writing a new book on the deep values crisis at a cosmic level.





Al-Masry Al-Youm, May 26



Releasing 47 detainee in the protest of Tiran and Sanafir with a fine of 100 thousand pound per person. This is the price of freedom today.