Headlines from Arab Newspapers

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101 Syrian Refugee Left Beirut to Italy http://assafir.com/ May 2, 2016 The first group of 101 Syrian refugees mostly women and children left at four o’clock on Tuesday dawn, from Rafic Hariri International Airport to Italy, in the framework of the project presented by the Italian Catholic organization Sant’Egidio and the Evangelical churches Union in Italy, with the aim of the establishment of humanitarian corridors for Syrians fleeing from the war. The project aims to transfer about two thousand Syrian refugees to some of the Italian regions over the next two year. Another group of seventy people will leave after three weeks to Italy as well. Belgium Wants to License 10 New Mosques to Counter Radical Ideology German security monitors 90 Muslim places of worship http://aawsat.com May 3, 2016 The Belgian Ministry of Justice confirmed its willingness to grant licenses for a number of new mosques, in the framework of governmental plans to oppose radical ideology. The executive body of the Muslims in Belgium says that there are 64 mosques in Brussels but only 14 of them are licensed, while the rest of the mosques operate under secret conditions. In front of this situation, the Ministry of Justice intervened to solve this problem and decided to grant the license to ten new mosques bringing the number of licensed places of worship for Muslims to 24. In Germany, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen (Internal Security) said yesterday that his office has currently censored about 90 mosques. Yesterday, he also expressed his “concern” about the presence of such a large number of mosques that have to be monitored. He explained that the concern is also related to what he called “backyard mosques”, in reference to the unlicensed associations and places of worship that take old or abandoned buildings as headquarters. The Overthrow of Arabism By Political Islam Turns Arabs Into Conflict! http://assafir.com/ May 2, 2016 Day after day, the Arabic citizen who has always been proud of his identity increasingly feels like a stranger in his own country, and almost like a refugee or a wayfarer. He has been deprived of his identity that made him feel proud to belong to a great nation by its history, despite the deformities it has suffered, by its present rich in possibilities and capabilities, and its hope in a future worth the sacrifices of the forefathers and ancestors in order for their home to be their home, to be free of the chains of colonialism and eligible to make a better future with the capabilities of its people. Suddenly, Arabic citizen has been deprived of his identity, his umbilical cord with his land, to bestow upon his country and him strange identities. Some of them are resurrected from an immemorial history that suddenly found someone to awaken it and imposed it as a reality, under the pretext that they have been existed before nationalities and nationalism, or returned it to the religion that is being fragmented into doctrines and denominations conflicting for power at the expense of homeland and nation, history and geography. […..] *** The World Press Freedom Day http://www.alaraby.co.uk/ Cartoon drawn on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day