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Arab Press Review, May 6

Headlines from Arab Newspapers

The Establishment of an Operations Room to Counter the Islamic State in Libya





May 6, 2016



Presidential Council of the Government of National Reconciliation in Libya announced the formation of a special military operations room to lead military operations against the Islamic state in the region located between Misrata in western Libya and Sirte at the center of the country.


The council said in a resolution that this room belongs to it directly as the Supreme Commander of the Libyan army appointed six Libyan army officers to the command of it. […]


The west hopes that the government of national accord – supported by the United Nations and which reached Tripoli the end of March – will be able to unify the armed factions in Libya and to defeat Islamic State, but the efforts to counter it relied on loose alliances between armed factions supporting two conflicting governments, Tripoli and the east government.



167 Thousand People Killed in Six Conflicts around the World in 2015…. Third of Them in Syria



Al-Sharq al-Awsat


May 6, 2016



The International Institute for Strategic Studies’ annual report revealed yesterday that last year was a bloody year. Despite the reduction of armed conflicts, about 167 thousand people were killed, a third of them in Syria alone. The prominent institute explained in the report published from its headquarter in London, that 80 per cent of these victims were killed in six large armed conflicts in Syria and Latin America, Mexico, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Iraq.


The report said that “the armed conflict taking place in Syria since 2011 left 55 thousand people killed in the past year”, pointing out that “this number remains lower than it was in 2014, but it is still a 66 per cent of the total number of victims in the Middle East and North Africa, and a third in worldwide.”


According to the Institute President John Chipman, the governments in Iraq, Syria and Somalia succeeded in 2015 in regaining control over areas that were out of their control, and this often happened with a foreign help. Despite the war on the Boko Haram organization in Nigeria, a smaller number of people lost their lives in sub-Saharan African countries. […]



During wars leaders are always in the background but they move to the forefront to receive gifts and money