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Cardinal Bertone: «Delegation in Syria after the end of Synod»

Publish the intervention of Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone who speaks about the delegation in Syria

Last Tuesday I spoke to this Assize about the Holy Father’s decision to send a Delegation to Damascus to express His solidarity and that of the Synod and the entire Church to the Syrian population, which unfortunately is undergoing a tragic situation of suffering, and to manifest our spiritual closeness to the Christian brothers and sisters in that Nation, as well as an encouragement to all those involved in finding a resolution, which respects the rights and duties of all.



The initiative had broad echoes not only here in Rome or in Syria, but also on an international level it was positively received.


First of all I would like to let you know that studies on the question and the preparations for the trip have continued, despite the tragic events of the past days in the Region.



As is known, the wish to express the closeness of the Holy See and the Universal Church is strong, doing this through a Delegation to be sent to Damascus in times and ways that will be announced, after having been defined in the light of the contacts and preparations being carried out. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the visit will be postponed, probably after the end of the Synod, as well as there might be some changes to the composition of the Delegation, due to prior commitments by some of its members.



The personal contributions by the Synodal Fathers as well as those by the Holy See will be sent to Syria, after the Synod, as a fraternal gesture of solidarity to the entire population.


Above all, the prayer which is always listened to by the Lord continues, and I wish to invite you all to join us in this with renewed faith.