Press Review - May 31, 2017

Last update: 2022-04-22 08:57:51

Suicide bomb kills at least 80 and wounds more than 340 in Afghanistan Massive blast comes after wave of renewed violence in the Afghan capital and at beginning of holy month of Ramadan (the Independent) As Isis massacres families enjoying ice cream in Baghdad, this Ramadan could be even bloodier than previous years. Isis and al-Qaeda are being squeezed in their core territories, and so lashing out with terrorist atrocities (the Independent)) Germany to repatriate about 12,000 Afghans: report, Some 12,500 Afghans whose asylum applications have been rejected will be deported from Germany, a report says. Repatriations to Afghanistan are a controversial issue owing to the fragile state of security in the country (Deutsche Welle) The continuing tragedy of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. As the world becomes more aware of the continued persecution of Copts in Egypt, their lack of violent response to these attacks has been a source of bewilderment to some and disdain from others, writes Samuel Tadros on the Washington Post.