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Ethiopia’s Track to Peace and Privatization

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Press Review

Last update: 2018-06-21 10:50:27

One of Europe’s most prominent critics of open door immigration policy, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban passes new laws on immigration which prohibit citizens from distributing information about the asylum processes as well as ban citizens from providing financial assistance to refugees, according to The New York Times.


Ethiopia's new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office on April 2nd as the leader of a deeply divided ruling coalition, reports The Economist. With economic reforms already under discussion, the new Prime Minister’s first days have been marked by productivity and hope.


“Sitting behind the wheel [means] that you are the one controlling the trip,” says  Architect Amira Abdulgader to Reuters photographer Ahmed Jadallah and reporter Rania El Gamal at Saudi Aramco Driving Center in Dhahran. Photographs displayed by BBC News show Saudi women learning how to drive, check oil levels, and change tires under newly lifted driving restrictions.


Egyptian House of Congress approved a press and media bill that will allow Egyptian government the ability to block personal accounts on social networking sites. Journalists are especially worried and have begun speaking out, according to Hagar Hosny of Al-Monitor.