Press Review 06.29.18

Last update: 2022-04-22 09:55:11

After Italy’s threat to veto the conclusion of the entire agreement if not provided help to stabilize the recent influx of migrants from Africa, the EU summit reached a new consensus. EU nations have agreed to set up new migrant centers on a “voluntary basis.” Read more about the EU plans to handle issues of immigration from the BBC here.


Section 10 of Bill 62, passed by the Quebec legislature in October of 2017, was meant to prohibit those with faces covered in the province from giving or receiving public services. After constitutional challenge from Muslim advocacy groups, the law has been suspended, according to Jillian Kestler- D’Amours writing for Al-Jazeera.


Objects originating from the world’s earliest known civilization in present day Iraq have been returned by Hobby Lobby to the Iraqi government, and interpreted by archaeologist Eckart Frahm. Though these tablets have been returned, the remains of thousands of ancient tablets and ruins still exist under Iraqi soil, and looting of the sites still continues, according to NPR.


Ulf Laessing interprets the story of the last 15 years of Iraqi life and culture through the popularity of books in Baghdad. To learn more about how sales in literature reflect the ethos of Baghdadi society, see the piece from Reuters here.


On Tuesday U.S. declared that it will impose sanctions on all imports of Iran oil by November 4th, 2018. Gardiner Harris and Stanley Reed explain how the sanctions might affect global markets, and how other nations are responding to the calls to change policy.