Giorgia Perletta

Giorgia Perletta

Giorgia Perletta is program assistant of the Master in Middle Eastern Studies (MiMES) of the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations (ASERI), where she teaches the course in History and Politics of Modern Iran. She is also visiting lecturer at the University of Economics in Prague (VSE). She obtained a PhD in Institutions and Policies at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. Her research interests focus on contemporary Iranian politics and the ideological transformations of the post-revolutionary elite. Her recent writings include: From quietism to political activism. The involvement of the Iranian clergy in the Constitutional Revolution (1905-1906), Giornale di Storia Contemporanea, XXIII, ns, 2, 2019, and Rise and decline of Iranian hardliners: why the Ahmadinejad's group shifted from power to opposition in Izabela Kończak, Agata S. Nalborczyk, Magdalena Lewicka (eds.), The Islamic World in Contemporary and Historical Perspective, Łódź, University of Lodz Press, 2020.

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