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Christians in the Muslim World

In loving memory of Mehboob Francis Sada

Pacifist, interfaith harmony promoter and Christian leader Mr. Mehboob Sada was born in Rawalpindi on January 18, 1947 and died on January 14, 2011 in Islamabad. Mehboob Sada was the pen name of Mr. Mehboob Francis. >From the early youth he developed knack for literature and poetry. He was a dynamic personality and inspiring figure. He was the director of Christian Study Centre, Rawalpindi and influenced and inspired thousands of lives both within and beyond the circles of CSC. From the very beginning he was interested in building and strengthening lives; perhaps that is the reason why he chose teaching as his career after finishing his M.A and M.Ed. He was a man of exceptional qualities and feats who had an eventful and inspiring life.



As poet and writer he was quite appreciated and liked in the literary and educated circles of Pakistan. And CSC was considered to be hub of intellectual pursuits, there began his association with CSC as linguist, social analyst, intellectual and writer. He was often invited and come to scholarly pursuits of CSC and contributed immensely in them. Given his contribution and commitment to CSC, he was offered a full-time position at CSC that he accepted and joined it as Research Staff in 1996. In a very short span of time he became the most important staff of CSC and was elevated to prestigious post of Director of CSC on May 25, 2002, the position he retained till his death. Mr. Mehboob Sada was a popular man and had endeared himself to those he met with his liberal thinking; kindness of heart, tolerance and pragmatic approach to life. He exuded simplicity; untainted generosity. He was acknowledged by Government of Pakistan in 2003 when he was bestowed upon National Cultural Award. His contributions to cause of Peace, Interfaith Harmony, Social and Political Awareness, Youth, Education and Christian community are highly commendable. He was on Board of several esteemed organizations and networks both national and international. He was the nationalist, who loved his country a lot and struggled throughout his life for equality, justice and unity in the country. He vehemently supported and participated in all the movements to end discrimination and discriminatory laws in the country. He played his part through radio, TV, newspapers and books. Two of his well-known books that he authored are:



Tarikh Ka Fareb (Allusion of the History)


Fajr Kay Khawab (Dreams at Dawn)



He was honored both nationally and internationlly for his tireless efforts to bring peace and harmony in Pakistan. He was also the member of Selection Committee of Education Ministry on syllabus development of Ethics for non-Muslims. In which he was actively involved in development of textbooks on Ethics from grade I to XII. His contribution as Christian leader are immense too, he would raise voice for the rights of Christian community and non-Muslim Pakistanis everywhere. He was a strong believer who was not shy of his Christian values and identity. His whole life is living proof of self-made man whose conviction in his faith and beliefs took him to places all over the world and mesmerized and enthralled everyone who came in his contact through his charismatic personality.



He was very much active as director of CSC and performed his duties perfectly before his short illness that led to his hospitalization for two months. Prior to his death he was diagnosed with blood cancer and passed away on January 14, 2011. Scores of people participated in his funeral service that was also held on same day. Presence of people from all faiths, denominations and sects in funeral validated the mission of this great man, who selflessly worked to promote human dignity above all and for all. In his bereaved family he has left behind a wife, four daughters, one son and three grandchildren.



The letter is a humble attempt to thank all the friends and well-wishers of Mr. Mehboob Sada and CSC who have supported us through their presence, messages and condolences at his death. Though the void left by him will never fill but least we can do is carry on the mission our beloved mentor marked and defined for us i.e love, peace and hope